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  1. Nice catch! I wish I could catch one of them.
  2. You don't sound 14. O.o Hmm maybe we get forget about that age limit for this one President? He would also be a great admin.
  3. He has my vote. I think he is admin material.
  4. I vouch no hate. Unlike those guys.
  5. Great candidate to be an admin. Knows rules, enforces them, very active, I say YES!
  6. No one will pick me. I bad.
  7. Best Guide: Always follow MyVertix and always listen to him.
  8. What about me?
  9. Nitzer=Tryhard MyVertix>Tryhards
  10. Yeah President I had to unban to people and used the sourcebans cause Dead Pixel banned them with no reason.
  11. +1
  12. This guy always is on jailbreak when he's on CS:GO. He would be a great admin.
  13. These guy is hella active and he knows all the rules and he enforces them. He would be a great admin.
  14. See, I would play comp with you guys but if I mess up you guys will yell at me and I don't feel like getting yelled at.