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  1. Damn it nobody! you gotta stop telling people!
  2. Ranger Miller here to help!! poor miller
  3. awesome welcome to the community and hope to see you around.
  4. ^
  5. Yes that will work just fine.
  6. Maybe lower the amount of health from knife 25 or 30hp. 40 seems like a lot
  7. Minigames... jailbreak... and today on surf rpg.
  8. yeah, i had to mute a kid for mic spamming, I don't know if his mic was on push to talk but every sound and word he said was in Spanish and a lot of people loved me when i clicked mute, so i think it would help to add a few rules for this.
  9. Possible new rules for non english speaking members. Ive noticed some people in the server mic spamming but was unable to tell them of the rule. I went ahead and muted him but i dont think he actually knows what happened.
  10. Admin applications are closed at this time. Try again when they are open.
  11. Surf_machine: http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/172653
  12. Surf_the_distance http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/156896 I suggested this map awhile back for surf rpg. Now that we have a skilled surf, And don gets his buddy to port it I think it would be fun!
  13. Suggest any jailbreak maps you would like to see added here with the name and link.
  14. Hey

    Welcome to the community! Happy to meet you and hope to see you around!
  15. omg hi dooke! #1 cool cat of slayers