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  1. I was trying to be professional with my goodbye message... But, the fact that everyone says I don't do anything are crazy. I've moderated that server before I ever saw sl0wness, fagachu, and before Krispy got his Admin... My case in point is that... I CAN'T DO MY FUCKING JOB THERE ANYMORE... Krispy's to power thirsty... Everytime I try to go through protocol of investigatin a problem or warn some users THERE ALREADY BANNED / KICKED /OR MUTED BY SLOWNESS AND KRISPY SO FUCK YOU!!! Saying I don't do my job. AND ONE MORE THING A JOB IS SOMETHING YOU GET PAYED FOR!
  2. I thought that It would be cool to become apart of a fun community. I thought it would be cool to help out. I thought Slayers would be different than any other server... I'll tell you what all of those are true. It was fun to join an awesome fun community. It was fun to become an Admin and assist where I was needed. Slayers is much more different then all the other servers out there! The time has come though... I am no longer wanted, respected, or loved. So, I have to step down. When I first saw Slayers Trade Lounge... I realized it represented much more in my eyes than others. I saw life! The rooms, we are always in a room in life. Sometimes alone, and other times packed with no one you want to be there. Outside where everything and everyone is moving around just like the boost pads in Trade Lounge... Maybe it's just my perspective, but whatever. I was planning on supporting the servers and community by donating at least $30 per month. I wish I could continue but I found out recently that this is not the place for me... It was pretty cool while it lasted. SHOUTOUTS: Patches, Ghost, GalaxyBeatz, xRoGuE, NICER, Astro, Don, sl0wness, Asuna, SaucyAWP, Price, Mauxie, Krispy, Rhombus, Africa, and ALL the MIC SPAMMING / 2 -11 Year old kids. Thank You, Code