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  1. Thank you
  2. Just the norm for good ol noobnz
  3. fetish?
  4. Zoid when the fuck are you going to stop being immature? Really, tell me.
  5. Nice
  6. When do you stop?
  7. Someone close this post, I don't wanna argue with this kid It was supposed to be about my keyboard, but I guess not.
  8. @noobnz like my post, zoid is a nigger
  9. I saved that money for a year lol, @Zeezo this is what you wanted right?
  10. Why u start shit all the time? The post is about a broken keyboard. If you feel I should be stripped, post this in admin abuse,
  11. @Zoid
  12. And the most I ever have at a time is $20 so, r i p
  13. Ive seen that lmao ew, I need full-size for binds and such
  14. lol