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  1. What the fuck did I just read? Shut this shit down, not worth it. Worthless community. @Hype666 close this autistic thread down @Ghos੮ gave his response. Do we just allow shit posting now?
  2. People told me you were aimlocking and prefiring them. I switched to spec and the second I did you stopped hitting headshots and started doing bad, so I decided to stop specing you until I heard your AK go off, when I heard your AK go off I switched to spec and saw you aimlock three times. Multiple witnesses when I banned you. So now we are letting 9 year old shitpost on forums that don't pertain to them? @sl0wness was the only person who handled this right.
  3. Is dead rebrand plz
  4. bet I dont have one
  5. You've just given me permission to call you little dick from now on
  6. Just like your penis size A sketchy one inch
  7. Answer his question @Sylencez
  8. You bitched and threatened a report when I slapped you for a warning, I then slapped you a ton of times and told you to report me, idk why your using it against me lol
  9. Im triggered
  10. yeah pubg