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  1. Aight ill give me reason -1 - Numerous accusations of AFKing hours, toxic, didn't have to start shit but still decided to.
  2. -1
  3. Not till i talk to 'em ~Asuna
  4. +0 I don't know you xd
  5. adminapp

    Your back. May the best Asuna win, also did you pay bail orrr what?
  6. adminapp

  7. Don't shitpost
  8. What a man says when he has no proof and is mad, anyway im gonna stop replying cuz shitpost
  9. pr00f
  10. -1 RDM's on TTT every round, just RDM'd me and charmy like 5 times. Don't make someone an Admin who can't follow the rules. Apologized for it thinking it would make a difference, lul shouldn't do it in the first place His reason for killing me: "I heard shooting behind me so" oops thanks @Moma
  11. I love you
  12. +1 Just don't start some weird furry movement, or something
  13. +1 Mature, doesn't like annoying fucks
  14. Don't shitpost lmao
  15. @noobnz