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  1. @Agitate yes, sadly it didnt help hehe
  2. @Libyan idk how to do it can you help me
  3. i didnt
  4. I just wiped my computer and re downloaded everything
  5. @ImHybernate so what would I do?
  6. 4 days ago I don't know why I said 2 weeks
  7. @ImHybernate xD I meant to say windows 10 pro how could I go back to the anniversary than
  9. also @ImHybernate I'm on windows 10 if it helps I think so...
  10. @Crocker it was working fine than cs just starting working like shit
  11. @ImHybernate yea I have paint 3d installed
  12. @ImHybernate where do i go to check if im on it
  13. how do i look rip
  14. @noobnz I have chrome, ts, and discord running
  15. @Asuna <333333333333333333 Tell me if you need to know anything else