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  1. Yes, Billy has been trouble on the trade server recently. No clue why, but we'll just have to look into it and see what we can do.
  2. So you are doing the EXACT same thing as when you resigned. Beautiful.
  3. Not sure, I did not mention it. That's going to have to be a discussion between you and Scarlet
  4. Drama related, I'm done now.
  5. Woo. The first comment I made, so dramatic. I'm so ashamed of myself.
  6. That's your fault though. You obviously did some fuck shit to be banned and don't want to own up to it. Anyway, why rant about the servers being dead when you're banned and your main forum account is banned? It's just causing unnecessary drama at this point. This isn't what we need to bring it back alive.
  7. so much autism. besides that, why did this go from ranting about dead servers to unbanning and shit?
  8. someone lock this shit please...
  9. i never said that? they were helping the best way they could, but not that they're roots, they can do a lot more
  10. Vet doesn't have noclip haha, he WAS though
  11. ?????????????????????????????????????????? Keloy literally fixed all the servers after the hacking and Hype has been doing giveaways any chance he gets, that was when they were developers
  12. They JUST got their root powers
  13. I'd rather see what Hype and Keloy have planned, rather than just "resetting" even President Evil didn't reset... when he had the chance.
  14. Idk man... you basically gave the TL;DR version of Avi's posts. I doubt anybody would be down to do any of it.