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  1. Will get on nigs.
  2. I wasn't at this certain "event" however, the same thing happened the same day we got accepted as moderators. I gave many, many warnings and all were taken lightly. After jailing him for 2 minutes, he messaged Chondo that I was abusing. I jailed him for spawn killing and camping, however, he also did the same thing stated in this post before I jailed him. I vouch.
  3. Be nice before I put you back in your cage!
  4. Nice job faggot <3 Couldn't see the mod yesterday, but I want to get on when you guys dev and check out the server. Great job
  5. @Nollyn @UtherCan you please argue in the chatbox or don't argue at all? This is meant for suggestions correct?
  6. I'm gonna be mature about this, it's true, you weren't very much liked throughout the community, however, leaving doesn't help and if you want to rejoin that would be REALLY BAD. If you want to leave, I respect your decision and I wish you farewell. -Abstract
  7. Visit us some time bb<3 Enjoy what you're gonna move on to See ya bb
  8. I make it on my own. You can try to find a vid, but I don't know what you'll have to type in order to get there and no. no bjs
  9. I forgot to put pick a song in the format. If you don't want one, tell me.
  10. Follow Format. Thanks:)
  11. Alright, pick the background and send it to me.
  12. I wanted to give back to the slayers community so I decided what's better than to make you guys vaporwave intros? Pretty much, all you have to do is reply to this with the proper format and I will create it for you. If you guys don't mind, donate to Slayers. I am doing this because of Slayers. I will be making these in the order of the requests. Please expect these to take a few days. ✦Format✦ Gif in the background: Link (You must pick) What do you want it to say? Font: [Enter Name] (I can pick if you need me to) Song (If any) Anything else? P.S. DONATIONS INCREASE CREATION SPEED ✦Sample✦ I made this for Chondo: RENDER QUALITY IS A LITTLE SHIT. YOURS WILL BE FULL HD
  13. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay, supreme master.
  14. Congrats man! Best of luck on this journey:)