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  1. well since the weeaboo told me to get pubg im going to have to get any other game.... jkjk kinda
  2. i guess ill go with PUBG
  3. I already have rust and prefer paladins over overwatch. GTA 5 is in consideration though
  4. I got a 30 dollar visa gift card I want to use to buy a game. Any suggestions????????????
  5. Why do you get peoples hopes up
  6. Im stealing this meme and putting it on every goodbye thread. Thank you for your generous meme donation
  7. Then tell them no need to make a big post lol. Someone sounds awfully defensive
  8. lol
  9. the thing is we cant really add new servers until our cirrent ones have an active population. if we are able to make that happen then i think a climb and 1v1 server would be cool
  10. i thought i should add something. Why make these posts? We have had like 5 in the last 3 days ans its too much. If your not going to play here anym9re just dont we dont need a billion posts about it
  11. Who???? jkjk bye never guud
  12. No one talks shit on my boy galaxy. you will refer to him as sir
  13. bYE
  14. I think this is a great idea for getting people who haven't been on slayers in awhile to come check it out. 9000 is a big number of people
  15. I wouldn't say it socmpletely dead but the reason I say the population has declined would have to be with the regulars. Ima be 100 rn and just straight up say a lot of the regulars here are pieces of shit tbh lol Ive gotten on ttt many times to hear some people who have been here 2 years or so being toxic and horrible to new people. If we can be nicer and more understanding towards newcomers we still have a chance.