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  1. +1 nice dude
  2. -1 This kid micspams 24/7. When he had paidmin he handed out extremely long mutes (1000 minutes) for "admin disrespect" and he has no hours lmao. What a joke /Thraed
  3. -1 just unbanned
  4. You legit have .94 hours on ttt. How are you expecting to get accepted? -1
  5. @Ranastop replying to posts on here, its showing that you are obviously too immature and too young to take criticism and therefore you can't be trusted with admin powers. And no, that doesn't mean reply to this to try to explain yourself. You're just digging it deeper. Let people comment and remain silent.
  6. who the actual F R I C K r u
  7. +1 This is my son, accept him now
  8. +1 stole my children bc hes so fuckin sexy!
  9. +1 helped us in rust!!
  10. -1 only 14
  11. +1 mahhh nigga
  12. -1 gets really mad really fast and just got ssa
  13. +1 is a F U C K B O I Is also Silver 1!
  14. God Bless America