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  1. Twas merley a meme good chap

  2. Hi

  3. I mean when you make a goodbye post I kinda thought you left.
  4. thought you left
  5. that shit made me laugh.
  6. I'm going to miss the precious earrape times from you.
  7. We could still expand to roblox
  8. Dueces
  9. Bro like scorpius posting shit memes are my thing get a life.
  10. Before y'all freak out yes we can day the n word here. And hello
  11. Nice shit post.
  12. Didnt he make a BBos threat
  13. Is this a threat
  14. Deja de ser tan gay
  15. See you later me compadre even tho I didnt know that well I still have much respect for you. As my great grandparents once said Hay un tiempo desde donde las cosas deben terminar.