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    Interested in becoming a Pro CS player although my main goal in life is going to college currently.

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  1. k
  2. +.001 You got banned a little too much but you a good guy cuz you are never guud
  3. He was being annoying and abusing his admin powers so he should be stripped. A long ban is a little too much
  4. You don't play much no more but you are good guy so +.75
  5. -1
  6. Your app is very hard and painful to read and I don't know you. That being said, -1
  7. uh +.60
  8. The dude is really good and he is calm and collected he should have +10000000 but you can only do +1 so +1
  9. He was ssa before he left slayers then he came back
  10. Ye +1
  11. I was pretty mean to you a few days ago but to be fair you seem alright but you get to personal about stuff, i gave you a -1 after seeing how you acted on the ttt server and this thread but I have reconsidered it cuz I kinda wanna see how you do as an admin +0.5
  12. Avi you are a good guy +1