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  1. @AmooToma
  2. well you said you had it installed for 2 weeks. So you can't go back. All you can do is download a new os or get a new computer or get a new graphics card and see if that helps u.
  3. yeah i know, the 2 latest updates of windows 10 are the anniversary update and the creators update. You have the creators one installed since u have paint 3d.
  4. nvm im a retard
  5. Well it looks like you have to get either a new computer or completely uninstall windows 10 since you can't go back to the anniversary update. I suggest you get windows 7 on a flash drive and install that on your computer. If you have a lot of balls to do so then install Linux. You have a bunch of options....
  6. If you have paint 3d on taskbar then you have the windows 10 creators update NOTE: Or if you have it in your files
  7. if you are using windows 10 make sure you are on the Anniversary Update version instead of the Creators Update. Also if you want to check what gpu or cpu you have then go to Settings. NOTE: After 10 days of using the Creators Update, you can not go back. I had the fps problem a few weeks ago and I went back. So if that is the deal then you may or may not just need reinstall windows 10 or get a good computer.
  8. How would a Skitty and a Wailord be able to breed?

    1. Dycidz


      How would a nigger and a cracker be able to breed?

    2. ImHybernate


      Cuz it makes a slightly burnt cracker

  9. * My brother was in his room getting ready to take a shower and he left his phone in the bathroom. * I proceed to unlock him phone and change it to this video. * He proceeds to go in the bathroom after I left. * The video plays when he turns on the shower. * Everything is normal until the video hits :12 * The video is hits :12 * He slips in the shower and I hear a big crash. * He turns off the shower and goes to my room. * He then look at me dead in the eye. * He then Bitch Slaps me. * My cheek is purple for the next hour. * A few hours later when he is asleep, I turn on his Xbox. * I go on YouTube and play this video. * I hide in his closet and after :12 he wakes up he seems to have an heart attack. * He finds me in the closet and goes to make Xbox and destroys it. * He comes back and stares at me for a few minutes. *BROTHER IS INTENSIFIED* * He goes back to bed. The End
  10. I will give you a +.99 since you said -1
  11. k
  12. +.001 You got banned a little too much but you a good guy cuz you are never guud
  13. He was being annoying and abusing his admin powers so he should be stripped. A long ban is a little too much
  14. You don't play much no more but you are good guy so +.75