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    Did you just assume my location you are triggering me I have standerds you can not walk in and say are you male or female i feel violated
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  1. could only find minecraft srry
  2. Now My Boy what kind of surfing are we doing here Surf Combat: Surf_Dust2_2008 (easy way to get in combat, no op secrets) Surf Ski (MARIO VERSION) (Secret is useless on this map, and the map is pretty easy if you have a basic grip on lif....surfing) Chill Ass Surf: Surf Minecraft 2016 (Probably easier then surf beginner, fun intro for new surfers) Most Recommended: Surf Legends (Not only is it a good map this map is just fun for surfing)
  3. Oh I know President Evil A Pesky Person yes He is only level 5 So I guess I'll try my best
  4. Now,Now Children listen up as I am here to tell you a bedtime story Once upon a time A fetus was born Then he joined a dank website You can find me on Surf RPG If I sound like a 2 year old trying to act cool It's me ~Skrub™