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  1. I have a great idea to promote @Plue101. to owner of SG to maximise revenue. Fuck everyone, just pull in cash
  2. Everyone on jb peer pressured me to ask you out so, ima nigga u a nigga if we fuck we can make some baby niggas. Wanna fuck? marry me pls? be my gf p[ls?

  3. -1 Really salty, idk y :(
  4. Ay we may just be niggas but this is gonna have to hit you witta Neutral
  5. +1 Looks like my nigga Pauly D
  6. Give him vet or I riot
  7. I did afk hours, i fell asleep on my desk
  8. +1 Nice guy, would make an excellent admin on all the servers
  9. It was 2 hours :(
  10. +1 God admin on jb
  11. +1 Chill dude Would me an excellent admin