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  1. A guy who remembers you but you don't remember :/
  2. no, they killed faggot's routers, nigger!
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  5. no, fuck you +11000000000000000000000000000000 for asuna!
  6. Well since all u do is letting someone mic spam with 50+ people in the server, that would be good! +1 slowness was an excelent admin and I think he would be now
  7. sure? the fact that he didn't slay you and he didn't want to, pisses me off. He never slayed you until I told him to do it and I asked what the fuck he was doing. Also he told that something was going to happen if he did that. He told me about something that you were going to get adolf to fuck him up, did you threat to ddos him? or what weird
  8. Fuck you faggot -1
  9. Well since you are a rat and a snitch you wouldn't be trustable. Sorry. -1
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