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  1. I love the daily drama in this community lmao
  2. You're a legend, you are the man

    2 rangers and 2 server leads holy shit!    !!!!!

    1. Valentin


      Shutup dutch before i KOS you

  3. as I said you fucking adopted nigger faggot that's why you don't call random kos's
  4. sure? don't you know still who kicked you the 2nd time for being afk 30 mins?
  5. Get off this thread you faggot. Go afk hours like always on trade then let me kick you like today for it. Does that make you special or something? Wow that shows how you know rules!
  6. Ik this but I don't get that this faggot is ruining someone's game because his small brain can't even understand. That's how it's been working all this time. Didn't you learn while you were afking hours? Not my problem Omfg even you've killed for this kys retard you just were mad! Dumbass
  7. You don't even play anymore, get off this That's why you don't call false kos's , You have to be sure about it smh. It was psag's fault, jekgog just followed it and If someone is following the kos it means he is going to kill that guy. No one is going to taze him they just kill him because He is Kos and if the guy is innocent then try to kill the guy who called the false kos. How would you get proof? Whoever wants to confirm that he is innocent, it's up to him. Kos= kill on sight also he was t that round
  8. OMFG YOu are kos until you're fucking proven retard! Doesn't your nut brain understand what I'm saying? Or are you that retarded? It doesn't fucking matter if he takes it back,YOU HAVE TO BE PROVEN
  9. Retard, PSAG called the kos on you then everyone followed it, jekgog killed you then you slayed him. You were kos still, it doesn't matter if he "takes it back" you're kos until you are proven dipshit. I slayed you because you were ruining Jekgog's game with your small brain faggot even when I had to take his slays off cuz you are retarded as fuck and you weren't going to do it. Kys
  10. You make stupid and retarded posts anyways faggot
  11. 71b9d195cb4464b206c73e0b792c0270.png

    Two words body  pillow

    1. Dutch117


      I won that shit in some shitto weeb event. But I don't fuck it I swear!!!! I'm not that mental ill

  12. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no, you rdmed someone, he complained then you left the server and it wasn't your T round, you both were innocents... it's a 1 day ban tho.
  13. you're like Crocker, sponsor* smh