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  1. Overpowered commands *abusing* xd
  2. New form submission from Rule Breaker Report Name of Offender: fps_THEPWNER Offenders Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:301462 Your name in game: Dutch117 Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:95375649 Server this took place on: TTT What the offender did: RDM and Leave Other witnesses present during that time: Roy, KentGenesis, jinxi Screenshots/Videos: https://gyazo.com/8fbf7d2fb7d4ad57a5b1e0c68009beb4 / https://gyazo.com/5fb42db05ebf4f260be3b326e570dd23 If you would like us to pull a GOTV demo post the map name, round number, and time within the round:
  3. They were in the house, Roy were killing people and he was id'ing the bodies, so he came back to the second floor and when Hunt got out of the house From the second floor i knew He wasn't killing Roy. I had all the proof to kill him, also I will repeat, I said Hunt is not killing Roy calling a High SuS and when Hunt just Got out of the house where Roy were in the same floor and the same moment I killed him. And I think you guys are asking how did you know that Roy was in the second floor? I saw the bullets coming from the second floor then Roy id'ed the bodies in the first floor and he cameback to the second floor.
  4. 1. Ok, so first thing, there was a KOS on Roy, I really don't know who the fuck (sorry for the word) called the KOS and that's the reason which I was waiting for Roy in the house because he was killing people in the house so i saw earlier that Hunt went to the house where Roy were. So i said, Hunt is not killing Roy calling a High Sus on Hunt, when i saw that Hunt got out of the House I killed him for the reason which He wasn't killing Roy, meanwhile Roy was killing people, ALSO It's difficult to explain when you guys are allying against me and against other persons, you guys were obviously allying against me, you guys were having a funny moment i know that's nice but the moment of ''RDM'' you guys started to allying and specially Roy starting to call me faggot and other bad words when there are no admins with higher rank also when 1 admin with higher rank joined he just stopped to calling me like that. So, Why afraid? 2. About the slays I could slay myself knowing that I had a reason to kill you, I really was going to kill myself to make you happy (knowing that i had the reason to kill you still) but Roy started to calling me faggot, dumb, other things so I didnt kill myself to start a pacific discussion but i will say again, sorry but Roy started to calling me dumb,faggot and other bad words Fallyfe can confirm this. 3. The screenshot shows a lot of time between the time when Roy killed someone and when Hunt killed someone. Yes, that's right but it doesn't show how many time you were with Roy in the house and you weren't killing him also my reason to kill you is not that you killed someone it's that you didn't kill roy when he got KOS. This is all to say. Also don't say this: For only 2 slays this is a waste of my time and I understand that, but I think that an admin who doesn't have the integrity to fess up when they RDM'd shouldn't have the privilege of calling himself an Admin nor have permission to the commands. I everytime slay myself when I RDM or I commit a mistake, a lot of people can confirm it, also when i have the reason to kill someone but i still kill myself to make the guy happy for complaining against me. So do not say this again
  5. Sorry i didn't ban you, you were spaming on admin chat after 4 slay that milky gave you for revenge rdm, We didn't care that you called us paidmin, just he kicked you for spaming in admin chat twice, then you come and you kept spaming and asking why did you get slays when we already told you why, you kept spaming, bedhead banned you for 1 day and this reason: What the admin did: He banned me for calling him paidmin after I was banned for 10 rounds for revenge rdm. / it's not true you were slayed for 2 the first time for rdm'ing a traitor and you didn't press 1 to confirm the slay, it wasn't our fault then you revenge rdm the guy who didn't rdm'ed you so we slayed you for 4. and i will say twice. It's not our fault that you didn't respond to the afk checker to confirm your slay. We called like 100 warnings for you to stop spaming in admin chat. This is all to say
  6. I can confirm, i was in the server when this happened, he rdm'ed and left, we got his steam id, Hunt left to make this report
  7. Sorry Pepe but Net has the reason I don't know about the 5 slays but you were being so annoying i had to gag you and also you were trying to push off with prop blocking, Adolf could slay you too and you rdmed Net bk and he considered it Revenge RDM
  8. +1 cool gay
  9. LOL not according to the hours you played in the server which you want to be an admin. very few hours man
  10. I don't want to believe the community is taking shit, I love this community but i don't know what did those admins do who got bans to make this problem, but I wish everyone could play serenely without major problems as the guy who started the subject said. And start to take a good way on part of us all
  11. yeah sometimes i start to rage because when i have the reason or someone else too about the problem that we are having some admins don't do anything about it, just slay the person who really has the reason, that makes me angry a lot but I'm generally calm and fun depending on round we are playing. :)
  12. +1 man you're good
  13. -1 you know why