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  1. *leaves for 2 weeks* *comes back after 2 days being even more retarded* *tries to revive the community with his stupidness* *leaves because of toxicity* *everyone is happy* kys. shut up nigger
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  4. who would pay 500% to repair a screen, if you ever paid that amount of money you could've bought an iphone. Yeah android had face id but in 2012 they had a fucking shit camera, but I guess face id doesn't work with asians cuz they're all similar so every asian could unlock your android since it's 2D lol. Idk why you need to call them stupid I mean if they want to buy it and they have the money just let them be... I will still use my iphone 6 until it breaks or something then maybe I would buy an Iphone 7+ because I don't really like the iphone X model, looks like a samsung and it's kinda ugly tbh, I like the home button model. Buy a Huawei!
  5. 1.I don't have a body pillow anymore and I never fucked it as asuna did retard 2. I don't have a bad computer 3. Asuna knows how to hack and how to be a smart person Will you say my dad's or my gf's name? You said that you found them and that you have my address, send it faggot, you don't have shit hahahha you and your boyfriend code suck at hacking.
  6. So do you think you would make the community better with that attitude here? You're such a faggot on forums tbh, actually kys
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