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  1. I'll unban you in a moment.
  2. I just saw your ban record and the ban was not by Krispy, it was by Uther. so I will tag him for you. @Uther
  3. You're unbanned. /thread
  4. I can't seem to find you on Sourcebans according to this SteamID from your profile: STEAM_0:1:183189970
  5. No clipping in the SK arena does not affect trading experience. If you are here just for SK instead of trading, then I highly recommend you to go a SK server. Also, you do not disrespect / argue with admins, continuing to do so will not be tolerated. You were just causing an argument on the server and traders couldn't advertise because of you. Anyway your ban stays and once it expires, I will unmute you. Denied. /thread
  6. I will deal with Krispy when I see him on since he seems to be power hungry with his admin powers and you are unmuted. /thread
  7. .
  8. @krispy has been tagged. Wait for admin's response. Thank you.
  9. I want to know how you actually have so many hours when you have a baby now. Don't you spend your time with the baby and your wife? Doesn't your wife get upset at you for playing so much time on the computer playing games? I would be devastated if I was the wife. Also is quitting your job as a kindergarten teacher a temporary or permanent? Heck, I work 8 hours a day for my full-time job and I wouldn't even able to reach that many hours
  10. Don't get gta 5, modders everywhere and they will abuse you.
  11. Fix your mic.
  12. What happened?