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  1. @Asuna <333333333333333333
  2. Mitsubishi Lancer D2 coilovers AVID 1 Rims DC Air Intake DC Exhaust LED Tail Lights Halo Rings with 12k Lumin bulbs Headlights
  3. Never had a guy like you for a while, thanks. :)
  4. Are you calm now?
  5. No no go ahead I just want to see what more you have to say. I'll listen.
  6. Everyone was having fun, but you decided to get mad and started saying shit.
  7. I'll let noobnz handle this, I don't want to start a drama for your stupidity.
  8. Sure. After I killed you multiple times without no clipping, you decided to be toxic.
  9. I don't need your toxicity in the servers. If you want to start drama, go somewhere else.
  10. You were being a fucking dickhead to me and couldn't stop talking shit and told me to kill myself when I told you to stop, so I had to mute you for 10 minutes and then you proceeded to say shit again in chat which I gagged you. You were the only one that was talking shit in the server and didn't even comply what I had to say. After all the drama was over, you were testing my patience and said this to me on steam: Which then I banned you because you were being fucking autistic. If you at least apologized to me for what you said then I would have ungagged you and unmuted you, but no you decided to be a smartass.
  11. Server lags too much when there are too many people in the server.
  12. I made a note about the current issues to noobnz, and please reply here if you see any more issues that is not listed here, so I can forward it to noobnz. Thank you.