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  1. imagine being this unfunny
  2. ur honestly so fucking annoying on the servers, all u do is spam slam that isnt even funny and act like a complete retard, go fuck yourself please
  3. dont its not worth it, csgo is trash
  4. i was joking about how everythings bigger in texas
  5. where do u live cause our perspective of rich people is obviously different
  6. only rich people buy their daughters chargers before they even have their permit
  7. if ur challenger isnt bigger than I cant respect u as a true texan
  8. people who own mustangs are like Harley owners, always trying to be loud obnoxious faggots. I don't like chargers cause all the rich snobby bitches at my school got them for birthdays before they even had a permit
  9. people who own chargers are almost as bad as people who own newer mustangs
  10. alright asuna im ready to say im sorry for wanting u to die, i still hate u but im not gonna bother u anymore
  11. hot
  12. your tears are very satisfying
  13. i find it funny how asuna just proved to everyone on ttt that he doesnt know the rules