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  1. everything on it looks cool except for the extra hp, knife damage, and other stuff on a bunch of maps rebelling is already a huge problem because the map is just retarded and gives t's easy ass ways to rebel, itll be cancer
  2. @noobnz stop abusing bro ur not cool dud......
  3. +1 gay tags but nice guy
  4. +1 really cancer to read u should format ur answers to be a different color
  5. +1 nice guy
  7. dude thats toxic not ok bro
  8. werent u private? +1
  9. im still waiting for u to fix my computer virus "Alex" how long till im unblocked from shoutbox
  10. how about u not be poor and buy 1
  11. u still need 1? nvm looked at ts
  12. h1z1 is complete trash pubg is just a little trash