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  1. people who own chargers are almost as bad as people who own newer mustangs
  2. alright asuna im ready to say im sorry for wanting u to die, i still hate u but im not gonna bother u anymore
  3. hot
  4. your tears are very satisfying
  5. i find it funny how asuna just proved to everyone on ttt that he doesnt know the rules
  6. i answered u and u quote the same question i answered?
  7. when your river of tears dry up
  8. type that without crying and Ill leave u alone
  9. noobnz liked my post so now its ok for me to bully u
  10. because u shouldnt exist, ur a waste of oxygen and u wasting ur families welfare on csgo skins is also a waste
  11. ur a faggot what can i say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. im good
  13. because no one likes you, you make a retarded post asking for someone to buy u a keyboard but why would anyone do that??? ur a fucking idiot
  14. only u and the the t i killed said rdm, everyone else on the server agreed I had every reason to kill him. ur the typical nazi admin that ruins the server for other players because u miss interpret a rule and should I link you that back and forth insulting between you and yellow fish?