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  1. Chargers /thread
  2. Comedic genius
  3. I mean, I sit on a couch when I watch a movie with my friends, but if you wanna lay with your buds to each their own...
  4. Where did I say that you have to lie in the same bed with your friend while u watch a tv show or some shit
  5. You watch too much porn if u think watching a movie with friends is gonna lead to a gay orgy the netflix and chill meme has gone over your head
  6. Chondo: "watching netflix/hulu with irl friends is gay!!" Also Chondo: "i wanna watch a movie with 13 year olds I play video games with!!"
  7. You can watch netflix/hulu with your friends, no movie theater required
  8. what is netflix
  9. I stand by what I said
  10. @neT did nothing wrong
  11. brother?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Josh™


      Admin impersonating 

    3. Jo5h


      i agree with the chargers fan thing. sorry bud, dont wanna befriend you anymore. but nah not an impersonator xd

    4. noobnz


      go the all blacks

  12. +1 remember him from a long time ago but be cautious giving a ginger admin
  13. Birthday 03/12/2002 :Thinking:
  14. @Joey1029 Learn how to speak proper english you always sound like you're fresh off the boat
  15. Tyler > Hopsin dont @ me