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  1. I miss u

  2. Ya sure :) I messaged Lucy a week ago and he said he is waiting on someone so they can decide for time. Just message me on steam noob, and I will get to you asap.
  3. Ill snap you cause im out at the mall atm.
  4. K ?
  5. It seems like you are backing out because it took us(my team) too long when you guys told us and agreed playing the first week of february. You even stated your team couldn't make it during weekdays (thurs- sunday) because pres was busy with school and we said we couldn't make it yesterday and today (sat-sun) because its Lunar New Year/ Chinese New Year. At the end of the day, dont make it seem like yall are waiting for our ass because half of the week you couldn't make it either. Next time, don't make an agreement if you end up saying your whole team is tired of waiting. Bullshit ?
  6. Growing up and acting like my age ;) If it bothers you so bad that I called you a hacker.. then you shouldn't have done it at first place. GIT GUD KID
  7. OK? so that makes it much better? The idea is YOU HACKING here.. not people telling you to do so. Glad you were spinning cause you actually got caught. If not.. then you'll just be secretly hacking and most likely try to act legit. k bye
  8. Dont change the topic lmao
  9. Hahahhahahahah glad to know that hack is legit. GOOD FOR YOU! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDIOT
  10. He gave you the freedom to hack and he didn't realize that its connected to his main. You don't owe him anything. It's just the fact that you even did it and downloaded the hack. No wonder you don't play like a LEM.... you probably just toggled every time. Shame on you! P.S. Fuck you! for calling me an attention whore and a dumb ass. You used a free hack off of google and got someones acc banned and you're calling me a dumb ass? You are an idiot. You are just mad cause bad.
  11. Aren't you vet? Random.. but can't you slay, ban, or kick people as vet? ??
  12. 'Group' type: [X] Single [X] Duo [] Group [] If Duo or Group, list names of people: 'Group' Name: Song you will be singing (Name, Artist & paste URL too): Love Yourself, Justin Bieber &
  14. Happy Birthday! :)

    1. Kate


      Thank you! <3