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  1. Bye slayers 

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    2. Avi


      no :((

    3. BedHeadTv



      Ik love you bye

    4. Gian


      i thought you we're already gone lol


      btw play on the discord if you need friends other than that girl on your snap

  2. KOS KAZ!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kaz ^v^

      Kaz ^v^

      U dunzo now. 

    2. RoyThePuppy


      Waaaaaa no ur done I'm rdming u now


    3. Kaz ^v^

      Kaz ^v^

      No bowls. 

  3. Roy in white font
  4. Where did you get the intention I was mad . I'm just annoyed you just talk to much,ur gonna stop replying you shouldn't have replied in the first place instead of wasting my time
  5. Ur not even worth my time get a life instead of sitting in front of a monitor for over 100 hours
  6. -1 annoying afks hours
  7. +1 was a great admin
  8. -1 fucking screams in his mic
  9. +1
  10. +1 good admin??????
  11. Why can't I see shout box :(

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    2. steps


      All this drama making me wanna play pubg 

    3. Zoid


      what kind of issues

    4. Kaz ^v^

      Kaz ^v^

      @steps u were playing pubg u cunt. 

  12. @Poop giver him and I do movie nights