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  1. I would love to be a 2nd sub if u dont mind, im mg2 though
  2. Fuck we tried Eric
  3. pringle wanna play, pringle mg2
  4. Thanks Donald, appreciate it!
  5. "you can buy for to getting out of ban?"

    - Pepe

  6. bye thank u come again
  7. This is now a 'YLYL' thread
  8. @President Evil This is all your's private, good luck
  9. Where did Sally go when the bomb went off? Everywhere!
  10. I agree with you on the DDOS part, however I still feel it a factor in why people decide to migrate with their banned pals to another server. But still your correct, it stands as an illegal act and should not be played around with.
  11. Here are some reasons that I believe are the primary causes of decline in the surf community based off former Slayers Gaming surfers: 1. Prehopping has been brought up more than once and is said that it dissipates the professional and realistic feeling that servers such as KSF offer, which many of our surfing legends enjoy as no prehop contains a more competetive atmosphere 2. Discussed in Chondo's recent thread, the servers titles appear a bit more degrading to players who enjoy surfing on them by using the term "Newb" surf 3. DDOS Threats resulting in bans is very controversial among the community, as in whether or not the threat is in a playful manner or serious attack, both receive the same output, which many feel is absurd 4. Bans on former surfing legends come into play as from what Ive heard, these bans have been sentenced on them for reasons such as "obtaining all the server records for the maps". Even though I have no confirmation on this one, it has stated by more than 1 person - If anyone has any other ideas on what issues are present on our surf servers, feel free to comment them below
  12. I think you mean Aspect Ratio according to your poll, but 16:10 is mine
  13. I think the idea of changing the name is good, and could potentially rise the surf population. Also LG has basically swooped up all the pro surfers that used to play here, including the ones that got banned way back, which has lead to nearly vacant surf servers. rip SG loli