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  1. +1 not a nazi, good warden,knows rules, chill redneck
  2. -1 incredibly toxic and annoying as shit, POWER HUNGRY, major dmubass; made a ddos threat on the server with like 10 people online, ghosted via steam message on ttt, incompetent, generally unqualified, mic spams a lot, uses the gay ass dog filter on snapchat
  4. +1 chill guy, friendly, active on teh server, knows the rules well
  5. + 0.5 can be annoying but is mostly chill and friendly, active, knows teh rules
  6. +0.99 chill, friendly, active, abuses admin chat/ uses it for stupid shit, sometimes can be annoying, doesn't really abuse power for the most part, good admin, for the meme
  7. a big +1 active, knows the rules, chill, NOT power hungry, not a stick up ass, for the meme #charmyforadmin
  8. +1 active chill, friendly, knows the rules and is cool
  9. +1 active, friendly, not power hungry, knowledgeable
  10. Vro, if you was a true nigga you would just steal a car
  11. so many fucking people shit posted on plues ban appeal and on my admin abuse report; no warning points, i shitpost once bringing up an important issue; month banned off forums. say you cant mute someone for being annoying but can ban for being "retarded"
  12. forum banned :P
  13. I agree that leadership and high status in slayers is mostly based on how long youve been in the community and not on qualification or merit
  14. if it weren't for team 10 than the US would be shitty

    1. Gay Obese Ginger

      Gay Obese Ginger