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  1. you should get a mercy one so you can pew pew with her pistol
  2. give to me
  3. I will offer girls csgo rank boosting for their heart.
  4. @Gambino and @Cailen
  5. 'Group' type: [X] Single [] Duo [x] Group [] If Duo or Group, list names of people: ✦Pepe✦, I lose not win 'Group' Name: Asian Lovers Song you will be singing (Name, Artist & paste URL too): Sam Smith, Stay With Me.
  6. If you want guud mouse you should use this one
  7. Hi

    Stop getting VAC'd. Smh fucking cheater
  8. @Cailen bad with Meccree @GambinoFat fuck eating udon 5 times a day @Bill Nye the Nazi Spy You have autism @Chondo Star Wars Rogue Two: Chondo Strikes Back @Cubin Peach head @Seagull Seef @fadee You got boosted by rpk @Cheese You steal memes
  9. This is very good pc. You can run Battlefield 1 at 4k
  10. Looking forward to the tournament :)
  11. Happy New Year!