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  2. -1 Isn't SKYNETGAMING enough
  3. -1 Deserves a +1
  4. @Cailen is asian and fat and asian @nvg | I lose not win He supports Skynetgaming @Gambino is fat @Seagull Spends $250 on pro donor @Cheese Didn't buy me pizza yet @Nollyn got dewey's account vaccd @Guardian Playz has autism @Cubin doesn't know how to shut the fuck up @Cum Drooble didn't mail me a skynetgaming t-shirt yet
  5. 420
  6. Hmm this new forum revamp makes slayers gaming look better than skynetgaming.
  7. Funky, you forgot to list Cailen. :(
  8. It's been fun everyone, but I had to go out with a bang. I have met so many people here, and I had a fun time while it lasted. Goodbye everyone...
  9. In Game Name I lose not win Age 11 Steam ID STEAM_0:0:159354642 What server are you applying for 10man server lead Do you have a microphone? I have one but it sounds like someone getting ddosed Do you have any previous experience being a server admin? If so, in which community or on which server? Yes, I have previous experience being a SKYNETGAMING root (skynetgaming > slayers gaming) How long have you played on the server you are applying for? I haved played on it for 2 days now On average, how many hours per week do you play on SG servers? 0.01 hours Can you commit to playing AT LEAST 15 hours per month? No, I’d rather play SKYNETGAMING 10man Do you visit the community forums often to check up on SG news/abuse reports/etc? No I only go to https://skynetgaming.net/ Please paste the link to the General Server Rules below: https://skynetgaming.net/ If the server you are applying for has specific server rules, paste a link to those rules below https://skynetgaming.net/ Tell us why you should be considered for admin I should be considered for admin because I am a very good skynetgaming root. If I am accepted for 10man server lead I will light people on fire/slay them when they are defusing, so the bomb the allahu akbar people planted can go alahu akabar cuz fuck amerika Do you understand that abusing admin, providing poor admin duties, and/or not being active enough will result in the termination of your admin Yes I do, but I will abuse them regardless because I’m a server lead and I’m an immune fag #iLoseNotWinIsImmune. If I am not active enuf I will ban niggers off skynetgaming I WILL DDOS GAMBINO'S TOASTER IF YOU DON"T GIVE ME SERVER LEAD
  10. Looks like something my grandma would have but it looks pretty guud
  11. @Xray You made my only friend leave :(. I'm fucking upset. Maybe I should go to skynetgaming.
  12. Star Wars Rogue 3: The Chondo Awakens
  13. Why are so butthurt that I left fadee. If I'm not that good why do you even care that I left in the first place. Changing your damn team name to "Lose is a bitch" Calling me shit when I leave. Fucking pathetic
  14. my favorite sport is mine craft and I like to watch hentai