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  1. steamID STEAM_0:0:54434032 steamID3 [U:1:108868064] steamID64 76561198069133792 customURL Reefan Account: Payment Method: Paypal Gift Game I purchased: Arma 3 Apex As soon I got my game removed, I was consistently messaging Barney everyday to see what the deal was. Thanks to Bot Panda he gave me the link to this thread and here I am. Getting the game back or being refunded would be greatly appreciated.
  2. @xTeamSix Also let's check out your admin abuse post on me. "Removed my mute on another player then started harassing the fuck out of me and other players so i banned him" Your post was hysterical. I wrote a novelty on why this whole situation was bs, and you can barely construct a sentence to why you permabanned a paidmin (within 30mins of meeting him) Who's done his job with no reported problems to this date (4 weeks). Then here's what Kodak comes into support him with on the thread "Im Kodak Color, he unmuted a mute that teamsix put and then he was talking shit in admin chat then mutes petrie, abd joins are room harrassing Petrie about his inventory. I Think Its Ban Worthy." I quote him exactly so you can detect the reliability of this individual. Both these guys are playing the victim role, but with my reasoning and credibility it's quite transparent what the hell happened. Also if someone can actually get the admin chat logs, I think this situation would indefinitely lead to a strip of XTeamSix's admin powers. It would support my claims and contradict his. Simple as that.
  3. I appreciate that I am unbanned but this post is to contradict Teamsix's post about my admin abuse. Kodak and Teamsix claim that I was harassing the player that was being to rude to me. With, "Reef was making fun of his inventory", lol this kid insulted me first saying "Do you even have a knife?" when I tped to the room. Which is funny cause I could buy out his inventory 10 times, that's irrelevant though. This kid was so butthurt that I muted him for 5 min in the first place for continuously interrupting people. Then he continued with the same phrase "my names reefan and I paid money to mute kids for no reason blah blah blah". To which Teamsix muted him for a minute and then he did it again and was muted for another minute. That just shows how much of a troll and waste of time this kid was. But of course, Kodak and Teamsix are making it sound like I was harassing them and the player. It was clearly the opposite, I got gangbanged so hard as soon as I unmuted that kid. It was flame city after that. Teamsix says to check the chat logs for proof, and I highly encourage that. Because in admin chat, Kodak and Team were just roasting the hell out of me for unmuting the kid. To which I argued with them and gave my reasoning. I told them to take this to the forums if needed because I have a full side of the story Im willing to share. Also before Jacob even got muted, I told Team I wanted to look at his kato skin. He tped to me and was so damn hostile for no reason whatsoever, and this was my first time meeting him. So the kid was butthurt before the unmute incident even occurred.
  4. @President Evil Appreciate it, I was far too triggered to press Enter/Tab in the midst of it.
  5. I failed to include this in my novel, but after I muted Petrie for 30 minutes. He said my reason was unjustified, basically just trying to piss me off because I unmuted jacob and him and Teamsix were just roasting me in admin chat. Then he says "You can mute him back when Im done trading with him" Then I goto Petrie a little bit later and hes with the admins saying how all he did was scream once and so on. Which is bs cause the kid was consistently talking over people.
  6. Telling me you are going to make an admin abuse post which I was happily willing to reply and completely contradict, to straight up banning me when we met in the same hour. I have had not one admin abuse post yet to this day. A straight up ban is ridiculous. My punishments for Petrie were with good reason since I gave him pity for interrupting then he continued. When he was punished he just started saying rude things in the chat and then he was kicked, then muted for 30 minutes. This kid was just one of the straight up 12 year old trolls that come through the servers everyday just to make it Slayers an unliked server. Again, this whole situation is stupid as hell.
  7. New form submission from CT Ban Appeal Your name in game: Reef [Paidmin for around 4 weeks now) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:54434032 Server this took place on: trading Server [Optional] Map this took place on: Admin responsible for ban: I believe TeamSix cause he was the one getting mad at me. Time of ban: 8:28 9/26/2016 Length of ban: No idea Reason for ban: Was not given a reason for the ban and when I join it does not give me a reason. Teamsix muted a guy and he was asking why he was muted and so fourth. And the reason for his mute was "stfu" so I asked Teamsix if we could talk about it. Since I thought Teamsix was a new paidmin and I wanted to tell him that he cant just mute people with a reason like that unless they are screaming in the mic or something. Anyways after calling for Teamsix two times before and after the game was restarted. I unmuted jacob since I thought he left and he never wanted to explain why he muted him. Therefore I unmuted Jacob and just said not to interrupt since Jacob comes on the server a bunch and is never really any trouble and Im on a lot. After that Teamsix says that I cant unmute someone when a higher rank mutes him, and that he is apparently a ssa. Which I did not know. I tell him this, and then a paidmin named Kodak starts getting mad at me saying I cant do that and its against the rules and so fourth. I told him he could mute Jacob back since I did not know Teamsix was a Ssa and I thought he left without justifying why he muted Jacob since "Stfu" is not a very good reason. Nothing happened after that except when a kid named Petrie yelled in his mic while the server was very active and said "Im reef and Im a paidmin, HUUUUUUU" Which isnt that big of a deal but he was yelling into the mic and this was the 3rd time he did something wrong in the course of 30 minutes. First he interrupted someone, then he started being rude to me in chat, then he yelled that in the mic once his 5 minute mute was up. I muted him 30 minutes and Kodak unmuted and said I had no reason when I put the reason as "3rd warning, stop interrupting and being rude" something along those lines. Then he goes to Kodak and Petrie saying how Im muting him for stupid reasons and so fourth. Teamsix says posting a post about me on the forums and that when I contacted him "I come to this server to make money, not to respond to someone asking for my help" was his cover up for not responding to me for a long while when I was just making sure the mute for Jacob was justified. I say to him "Im ready to see that post bro, let me know when you post and I will reply." I add "It's funny how you come onto this server and want to make money but spend all this time making a post to try and strip my admin abilities" Then 15 seconds later, boom I get banned. I have been very loyal to this server and have helped out a lot. I get on it a lot and I have never seen Kodak or Teamsix in my life. Nor did I know Teamsix was an SSa, cause I would of never unmuted jacob. [Optional] Other admins present at that time: Kodak but he did not witness anything that happened with the warnings I gave Petrie Why should you be unbanned: I should be unbanned because first, Teamsix said he was posting on the forums to strip my admin powers. Then I just get banned. That is ridiculous and even then, my actions were completely justified for everything that happened with Petrie's punishments. I will admit I shouldnt have unmuted jacob but I was asking to talk to Teamsix for a long while just making sure the mute was for a valid reason since I thought he was a new paidmin. [Optional] Screenshots/Videos: [Optional] Anything else you would like to say: I cannot believe I just got banned for something like this. When someone spends money to help survey the server and you get banned for doing so correctly with maybe a minor mistake. I feel that is completely unjustified and ridiculous. I would like to be unbanned cause I spent a lot of time with this server and my instantanous ban with no reason is insane.