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  1. +1 good admin know his shit, called me autistic and is prob fucking my mom
  2. Hi

    um no i actually joined because i thought it as fun and i applied here cause why the fuck not? let me do me, and mind you own business like shit nigger u getting into other people business you fucken autistic bitch please close this thread, just made an introduction, and thats simple, dont want autis commenting anymore
  3. Hi

    bruh i never left sg i joined rhg to see if it was fun, clearly you have the brain capacity of a autis, and is it now illegal for me to play two servers fuck man u fucken retard please do us a favor and kys
  4. Hi

    good thing im not mentally retarded! Ha
  5. woah good job noobnz this shit is actually pretty dope for the trade server maybe we should add that to all server ;)
  6. Hi

  7. Hi

    first off 1. i had a horse cock as a profile picture, but chondo changed it to this because apparently he doesnt want to expose you guys for your daily horse cock suck, so it was chondos imaturity who changed it who seems to find it humorous 2. please me handicapped, how original, fact if i was mentally handicapped, i wouldn't of able to graduate school, and actually continue with my education unlike you 3. you are no longer owner of this server, yet u bitched and moaned about the stupidest shit and legit sounded like a autis in teamspeak, and why do you give a shit? are you some concerned individual 4. go back to your server, cuz all i see is , an soon will see you bitching back here so please get some help before you spread more autisim
  8. Hi

    WOAH MAN UR SO FUNNY PLEASE TELL ME UR LIFE STORY MAN FUCK MAN holy shit come into team speak an tell me ur life story man like holy shit u have the highest autism there could be
  9. Hi

    please all i see in the comment is hypocrisy l0l
  10. Hi

    i know bro im savage dab
  11. Hi

    hi im new this song is all u need to know about me
  12. +1 supreme smurf
  13. +1 UR VOICE IS adorable -1 annoying -1 too young, but i here roblox is a good start
  14. +1 nice person and funny -1 kind of annoying -1 you should of applied for ssa, its hard going from paidmen to private, espically since you've been paidmen for almost a month :)