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  1. brotherman :(
  2. That's actually jokes
  3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds beats Dota 2's highest concurrent player record. By Fraser Brown 4 hours ago It's the highest on Steam, with 1.3 million playing right now.
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    2. Gay Obese Ginger

      Gay Obese Ginger

      you've never been above a 1550 rating on any region / server in all of your PUBG playing time?  LOL.


      fuckin nubsauce

    3. Troy


      @Gay Obese Ginger 69 hours total on pubg -_-

    4. Gay Obese Ginger

      Gay Obese Ginger

      @Troy that doesnt fkn matter lol.  excuses excuses excuses

  4. beat my record bitch
  5. we had some fun times on ttt, best of luck with school :)
  6. tell her you're paidmin on slayersgaming and I am sure she will pounce on that huge monster asian wang
  7. certified cockguzzler +1
  8. +1 Brotherman Bill
  9. that new map looks sick
  10. i put that shit on everything
  11. goodbye sweet prince
  12. Correct steam id : STEAM_0:1:80406652