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  1. uh oh he's back +1
    1. glockoma94



  2. where the fuck is my name on this
  3. you a savage my nigga
  4. chastity belt boy :-)

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    2. Spaghetti Boi

      Spaghetti Boi

      I'm not saying never jerk it, but if you jerk it more than twice a week on average then you gotta chill out man.  Don't jerk it for 1 whole month and you'll see what I'm talking about, you feel like you're gonna fucking EXPLODE.

    3. X-ray


      Ive never jerked in my life, Get maybe 3 wet dreams every month

    4. President Evil

      President Evil

      im gonna bust a nut in my hand and slap you across the face

  5. @nifty
  6. i mean divine your tourney still happened and it wasn't that bad just a little uncoordinated
  7. oh hell yea
  8. Only minor issue is that if you're trying to use slam with the console spam you can never catch it before more console spam fills console, and if you use con_filter_enable 1, and con_filter_text_out material your song list will not open as these commands remove text in your console. rip slam users
  9. holy shit you're still alive
  10. say hello to our new advisor
  11. thanks for a place to come and chill