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  1. 2 in the pink 1 in the stink
  2. pce furball
  3. yea man, this guy just joins and had 1000% consistent hops, i'm a good bhopper myself but this looked unreal to me at the time.
  4. cya buddy
  5. hotbox car lookin like a sauna Image result for hot box car

    1. kush


      Ohhhh fuck yea bud 

  6. no u r a loosr
  7. you've changed

    1. kush


      you just suck at jb :mew:

  8. i join to post a meme in shoutbox or get warning points
  9. lit
  10. nerd
  11. rip minigames
  12. howdy partner
  13. luv ya roy <3
  14. design a new look "Designer"