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  1. beautiful.
  2. Yea this kid straight up RDM'd 2 people and Seagull Slays him as he should have... Secondly " Alright so lately I've been playing frequently on your TTT server " In total you have 0.52 hrs and I have never seen you on TTT before January . When you make a admin abuse report have some sort of video, picture, or even the map/round you were on.
  3. +1 Always there when you need him ;D
  4. Hey There , just to clarify Bot Panda was not the one that originally muted you that Admin is Dove! @Bot | Panda only muted you because @Pinapple removed a mute put on you by Dove ! @Dove
  5. Hey! Quick question What is with your profile picture?
  6. Hello SlayersGaming! I am a new player who hasn't download cs:go, yet I have already read all Rules... I will tell you a few of my qualities that you should expect to see in game! -Salty -Rouge -Autistic -Helpful? Qualities.. That don't have a category: -I watch a shit ton of porn -I love the Kitty Emoji -And I have a sibling in love with this song! [Warning! This Next Video Contains Severe contagious Autisim and is NOT Recommend by Doctors!] ~SaltyASF