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  1. I've already made 2 posts about this, I doubt they'd do something this fast.
  2. A lot of fun/good admins are leaving and I think its about time we just restart... Whats even the point anymore just to keep this going? Since no one is trying to improve the files that are already there how about adding just new ones and maybe removing/changing the slayers name for something else or merging with skynet or prestige? Since we are known for ddosing our members and the people who did are banned/left. Can we restart and unban everyone and just remove all of the admin's powers except the roots and just give slayers this new feel with new servers and new plugins. (Extra) THE PLAYERS ARE TRYING HARDER THAN THE OWNER TO FIX THIS COMMUNITY.
  3. I respect you for starting this respect thing


    1. Durandal


      i respect what you said.

    2. Galaxy Beatzz
    3. Brando


      i respect you respecting him starting the respect thing

  4. retard
  5. Don't post anything because your like to post rate is equal
  6. 110% more like he's not even giving it 10%
  7. tbh people will probably ignore it 90% of the time
  8. What does patches want? Does he even know what he wants?
  9. @Gay Obese Ginger I just want to give my opinion, from what you said that this community dying is 80% csgo's fault and I don't think thats true because there are still many communities that get filled every single day with active people, in my opinion its 40% csgo's fault and the 60% is what this community is known for, when i made the post about resetting slayers I mean't that we should rebrand it and make it appealing to new players but no one wants to do that much work, If I knew how to code I'd do it. But My Point is that someone other than patches needs to take ownership because in my eyes he hasn't done anything that has shown, example: He said he was going to remove the chewbacca model and remove the banana model to ct and that never happend.
  10. doesnt work :(
  11. im getting a new one anyways i just want to jailbreak this one to get a cool app that i can only get with cydia
  12. Any of you computer geniuses know how to jailbreak ios 10.3.3 without that shit system of downloading apps because i've tried 50 times it hasn't worked for me and I can use my pc if it requires me to use it.
  13. 1. Got attacked by a tiger cub 2. Took alcohol in my mouth then spit it on a torch to make a fire breath thingy. 3. Firework exploded in my hand giving me a flashbang effect. (Vision completly white, ears rining, and hand burning)
  14. Since In Jb you get credits, and when your gangs are maxed you don't have any use for them, I was just wondering if we could buy things as tags, trails, special masks, models and other things like that because that attracts people to servers.