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  1. The whole 30 minutes you were being annoying, maybe a week was too much but we told you to calm down, you got slayed because you rdmd. If you guys think that the ban is too much then you can reduce it. I was trying to talk to him and he starts screaming.
  2. My right hand.
  3. I also remember him saying the kos first.
  4. Are you currently a SSA or VIP Admin Yes Name Avi Steam ID STEAM_1:1:101963792 Please explain why you should be promoted to Private I've been playing on Slayers for about 6 months now I know how things work. I'm a friendly guy and I don't abuse my powers. I've helped out people before when they need help I'm not too toxic, but everyone has a breaking point. I love this community even though it has its pros and cons and I'd like to help people out in this community. Although I have not been in the community for a bit this month (because I had some exams) I still want a chance to become private and help out with everything. Please explain how you will use this rank to help the community I can get rid of cheaters, ghosters, toxic people and other problems that affect this community with private. I can contribute to other things as events and such as well. I can help new people out as well and make Slayers a fun experience for them. I sometimes see where for some amount of time admins are not on some servers and there is just chaos and I'd love to help out with that stuff since I come on sometimes at night. Are you aware of the rules of the other servers Yes
  5. @Ferguson
  6. I don't see a problem lol, heavy armor makes a difference in your model the round that it's bought, the next round it disappears but you still have armor
  7. Happy bday you little weeb


  8. bad
  9. fucking love will smith
  10. Any movie that has a dog die in it.
  11. I honestly don't remember I can't confirm this but hunt is a good admin I'm sure he's not lying.
  12. Do they feel like apple headphones they look kinda uncomfortable
  13. I already have 2 headsets I just need earphones
  14. I have $25-50 to buy good earphones help pls.