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  1. I don't see a problem lol, heavy armor makes a difference in your model the round that it's bought, the next round it disappears but you still have armor
  2. Happy bday you little weeb


  3. bad
  4. fucking love will smith
  5. Any movie that has a dog die in it.
  6. I honestly don't remember I can't confirm this but hunt is a good admin I'm sure he's not lying.
  7. Do they feel like apple headphones they look kinda uncomfortable
  8. I already have 2 headsets I just need earphones
  9. I have $25-50 to buy good earphones help pls.
  10. Rdm and leave.
  11. Ddos threats are not tolerated here. Go pay bail if you like this server.
  12. It was on ttt dolls.
  13. Enough gameplay. He looked at everyone thru the walls. Even when he was a Innocent.
  14. The ban was on dolls...
  15. I was spectating him every single round because I thought he was sketchy. When he was an Inno he looked at every single person thru the wall. I thought it was just coincidence and I didn't ban him then. On this round at 4:50 pacific time I saw him look at every single person alive double scope in with his AWP right at their head. The walls perk doesn't allow you to have perfect wall vision while Knig did. I had sufficient proof to believe that this player had wall hacks.