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  1. The rule breaker report was already handled tho, it literally had no affect on me so why would I care?
  2. @Deputy DramaWater
  3. Ive talked to plue for awhile now I invited him on a TS to talk to him, and we talked then he ended up saying some shit that pissed some people off. Oh so everyone whos been on SG teamspeak when someone has gotten DDOSed should be banned then. I wasn't the one who gave the IP nor DDOSED him, I was just on the TS with multiple other people.
  4. We went on to talk about something not involving SG, I never ddosed him nor did I give anyone his IP. Its not my fault someone went around shit talking to someone on a TS then got ddosed? He shouldnt of brought into this community that had nothing to do with it. Get rid of the kid, he does this shit every month. edit: ban whoever you want but it never had anything to do with SG so it shouldnt of been brought here, dycidz had nothing to do with it.
  5. I invited plue to another ts through steam that has nothing to do without SG. He said something to one of our players and he got dosed for it. It has nothing to do with SG In the first place. Plue doesn't understand that just cause someone is named dycid doesn't mean it's the SG ONE.
  6. No they have disappeared since then
  7. I had pics because I was on the Ts he was on dycidz got the pics from plue.
  8. SG Dycidz was never involved and plue should've never had brought it upon this TS like I said in the previous message.
  9. Plue hasn't been getting dosed for a while he dropped connection for like 20 seconds and then started going shit crazy. He just got off.
  10. why hasn't it been done yet? its cancer 24/7 when hes on. we just need to vote 2 ban him
  11. can confirm it was never dycidz nor anyone from the sg community, he shouldve never been banned nor should plue ever brought it on the sg teamspeak. plue needs to watch what teamspeaks he joins and what he says on those teamspeaks. he never knows what people are capable of. But I can confirm it was never anyone from the SG Community. Idek how dycidz was brought into it. edit: although there is another dycidz that i know but he has more to his name that is in that ts
  12. I did mute him and he complained about that anything you do to him expect him to cry about it. But he doesn't think about that when he does all the things he does.
  13. it's plue everyone knows how he is. He was being cancer like he always is. He kept playing his trash ass music.
  14. ey you white boii how you gonna just leave
  15. Smh uther