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  1. New form submission from Rule Breaker Report Name of Offender: ƒire™ Offenders Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:93734032 Your name in game: Brandon Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82781466 Server this took place on: Jailbreak What the offender did: Mfk'ed. Mowed down the stack right as the warden got everyone together. Other witnesses present during that time: Kronix, Festive scrop, sp00n Screenshots/Videos: If you would like us to pull a GOTV demo post the map name, round number, and time within the round:
  2. A step in the right direction
  3. yeeeeeeee
  4. If either one of these choices becomes active, admins need to be on to regulate it either way
  5. This is a report about [RD] R3B3L STEAM_1:1:59191442. He mfked two times before leaving whilst no admins were on in JB.
  6. I do but dont have my pc built yet
  7. Shitpost

  8. Hot damn, thats nice too know. Thanks for all the information. After next payday ill probably start getting the items to build it. Appreciate the help @Durandal
  9. Of this calibar, i suppose. Edit: they seem to be out of the GTX 950 with the backplate graphics card, is a regular GTX 950 still compatible?
  10. So on this, tiers fair-good seem like my range, But im still curious to what to think. Id prefer to not make a hasty purchase, but this does look promising.
  11. I got everything but the desktop, and yea it will be 100% better to build my own. Just need to put in time to research what I need. Thanks
  12. Ive been torn to build a pc or buying this one and upgrading it slowly. Id like some criticism about this. I dont intend on running any graphic-intense games on it. Mainly csgo and factorio. for 400$, i *think* this would be a good base but i am definitely far from a computer person. Any advice? this is the link to the computer--v
  13. You hold a better grudge then black lives matter people. Let it go. If jw did something serious like kick/ban the whole server, yea he'd be striped. If jw made a report about a small abuse report against you, would you want to be striped for it @Ciggy Butt Brain? Theres a line between friendly banter and actual abuse. Once you figure that out, maybe you'll have a better chance at becoming an admin. Admins are here to keep the peace and even make it fun. Jw may had fucked up, but over something this little? You are going to be so petty to a admin whos trying to joke around ( and not lose his powers )? I would hate to see someone be that nazi who could actually do something about it. And above all... ...Its a fucking game. Chill.
  14. I was rebelling during the occurrence of this "abuse". When i saw 4 cts lining up to get awp'ed, i dont think the freeze would had made a difference. Ciggy you seriously take a small joke as admin abuse. Then again, jw did end your game of deathrun by a couple of seconds. I wouldnt say enough to make a legitimate report. This should be for serious or reoccurring abuse. 1. Your evidence is also terrible. Next time just use a full screen shot. 2. If you report like this for ever admin whos ever dont one, little mistake, there would be hundreds of reports. 3. You make mistakes, but no one is here trying to get YOU striped. Please learn the difference between a joke and ACTUAL admin abuse. Also whoever was talking about getting !rw... None of the cts wanted a warday on last round. So majority wanted a actual day. Have some mercy on jw, he is trying to improve. Thanks for the time to read this.