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  1. +1 Cool and fun to play with
  2. +1 nice and fun to play with
  3. Your In-Game Name: Cutie <3 Your Age: 14 Your SteamID (MUST be formatted STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_1:0:177032808 Server you are applying for (mark only ONE): [ ] Surf-RPG [ ] Trade Lounge [ ] NewbSurf 1/2 [ ] Jailbreak [X] Trouble in Terrorist Town [ ] Already Server Specific, applying for Private [ ] Already Paid Admin, applying for Private Do you have, and use, a working microphone? Yes, I use and have a working microphone. Do you have any previous experience being a server admin? No, I don't have experience being a server admin. If so, in which community or on which server? How long have you played on the server you are applying for? I have been playing for years, but I currently have about 42 hours. On average, how many hours per week do you play on SG servers? I play at least 3-5 hours a day, that averages at least 28 hours a week. Can you commit to playing AT LEAST 15 hours per month? Yes, I commit to playing at least 15 hours a month. Do you visit the community forums often to check up on SG news/abuse reports/etc? I check once in a while to see whats going on to TTT. Please paste the link to the General Server Rules below: If the server you are applying for has specific server rules, paste a link to those rules below: Tell us why you should be considered for admin: I should be an admin because when people rdm there is either no admins on or they don't want to slay them. Do you understand that abusing admin, providing poor admin duties, and/or not being active enough will result in the termination of your admin: Yes, I understand the termination.
  4. +1 Hes a great funny person to play with.
  5. LOL, I was there but I dont know what to say.
  6. New form submission from Rule Breaker Report Name of Offender: Clint Eastwood Offenders Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:25641383 Your name in game: aVegasStache Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:177032808 Server this took place on: TTT What the offender did: Clint rdmed me but he is a private so the admins couldn't do anythin Other witnesses present during that time: Spare and Adolf Screenshots/Videos: If you would like us to pull a GOTV demo post the map name, round number, and time within the round:
  7. +1 because he is active and is fun to play with. He also helps me out.
  8. +1 active and fun to play with
  9. +1 He is cool and funny
  10. +1 Is smart and is very active