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  1. i dont need likes this is literally an internet forum and you think i give 2 fucks about likes. infact idc if anyone likes me either.
  2. i dont have to be drunk to know your a fucking cunt and that you are scum of the roots. all the roots out do you. even shiro or august were better srsly. when are you making your leaving post again?
  3. didnt show my dick this just shows your a fucking dirty liar i swear shiro was a terrible person but hes fit for root more then you are.
  4. we will see about that you fucking retard when i get the police involved. ya know what noobnz just go get your self a candy and fuck yourself bitch srsly chondo may work at a supermarket but your gonna be work in the male whore house dumb fuck
  5. ok on that day ill talk to the police about your ddos attacks dumb kiwi bitch
  6. zeezo is the only immune one here cause hes the only one who doesnt ddos and shit
  7. you dont ddos like the rest of the scum bags
  8. Hello ladies and gentlemen if you haven't heard in the past few days there have been drama over noobnz and adolf and other ppl ddosing. well after enough evidence was found and brought to patches he covered it up because he doesn't want noobnz or adolf to get banned. and also in these screenshots here patches says that roots are pretty much immune they can ddos, they can make ddos threats. but if you have evidence of them ddosing you and noobnz admitting to ddosing you. thats still not enough evidence and thats why ive made this vote. I'm simply asking for a poll from the community as if they think the leadership of Slayers needs to change a bit, etc. Also noobnz said this When i never showed my dick i asked some1 that was there then just said i shoved mustard down my pants not showed my dick not even showed a pixel of my dick and if i did he should have banned me not ddosed me. he made a fucking flat out lie Also this video
  9. meet and fuck??????

  10. hmmm wouldent you like to know hehehehe
  11. yeet
  12. um yes those are my screen shots battle asked if he could use them and i said sure. BTW those arent all plue does this kid constantly abuses his powers.
  13. rip