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  1. I pmed him i wanted amazon gift card
  2. Where my money at
  3. Thank you for this amazing sexy piece of art. You truly are an arteest! I'll cherish this foreva
  4. Make me one bae
  5. What do you call a seagull that flies over the bay. A baygull.
  6. Hello bitches Found this shit looking for my long ago nigga PuppyPaws. Used to play on ๖ۣۜ₩Ĝ rpgsurf years ago on source when i was a fucking wee lad. Dont know if you ancient veterans of WazzGames remember me, but I remember you all amazing sexy bitches. I was ๖ۣۜ₩Ĝ Killerz. Then I went on hiatus for counter strike until i got a better computer and then one day, couple days ago, I was like shittt i miss my boi puppypaws and wazzgame and I found this amazing shit that has all the WG veterans. Missed you bitches. I hope you missed me.