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  1. you're so funny! Edgy comments are always liked by many 👍👍👍👍
  2. you're mentally unsound
  3. I wasn't here for the best memes and jokes created here. Can you guys post the best memes that Slayers has created or that was shared throughout the community? pls n thx
  4. yeah i swear i've seen you make the same exact post like a few months ago, but ok
  5. hi

    there's a bunch of PUBG players here, no one here plays H1Z1 :(
  6. it's a meme, but i respect what u said.
  7. can't keep up with hours and want attention and likes. pce
  8. Vuji? more like pussy hahahahahahaha
  9. I put respect on your name.
  10. i think the same would apply to you and me also fag, not a time to talk.
  11. damn i forgot you existed