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  1. certified is the only important furry in this community
  2. This guy seems quite mature based off the application. Plus, we do need some trustworthy trade admins in our time of need. I say +1
  3. Then why would you make fun of him for being here for 3 weeks? This dude has been very active and takes care of the trade server quite often. +1 :)
  4. +1 I loved this dude when he was an admin. I think he deserves another chance.
  5. +1 I see you play on Surf all the time, and keeps a positive mindset quit often. I would like to see this guy admin on Surf :)
  6. you disgusting hypebeast
  7. Has a nice grip, can jitterclick. only problem is there are no side buttons.
  8. i am tru gengoo
  9. The first build was quite huge, and was a room for nothin' so this is a pretty awesome improvement.
  10. When I first joined, I played on Trade-Lounge to get more mula from my M9 Bayonet | Doppler P4. I saw that Shiro and his gang went on a couple of times last year and said they were hopping on JB after going on Trade. I joined JB and realized how much I fit in with the rest of you retards. Honestly all of the other communities are more SJW and this is the most chill-back community I've ever seen. For example, I can say nigger and spic all I want.
  11. uhh

    ur already putting a bad impression on me
  12. ez moaney yaes?