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  1. i'll always pay bail for logan
  2. I'm still cancer
  3. @ me next time KAZ. nigga.
  4. Happy Burpday you little bugger. You've always been someone I've looked up to as a person, and as a "memer". You continue to make me laugh and smile everyday we chill in TS or on a server. You're a sick dude and remember, you got mad roblox pussy my Deweyboi. finna nut ya feel

  5. Post your best jokes in the comments below! We all need a little bit of rest with this drama and just have a good-time thread. I wanna see the best you guys got! Here's mine! What do you call two black people hitting each other with cardboard? A Pillow Fight!
  6. i'll shutup my mouth now thx for the insight isaac u smart man
  7. so would we ban someone for saying i'm gonna snort some cocaine or if someone is gonna "shoot up" a school? i'm just saying, this doesn't seem like a reason to ban the term..
  8. @EricTheDon Can i not love a man?
  9. idk. but i love u a little tbh
  10. Filler for a team just like cum in your mum's pu- Rank: GNM
  11. This shit got me on my inhaler for weeks my dude. I've never felt more joyful than this moment.
  12. stop trying to sell your trash account isaac
  13. @EricTheDon nope, another kid.
  14. @Chondo I basically just reminded the kid over voice chat to not make a ddos threat and already should've known that if he read the rules. He IMMEDIATELY chooses to say it.