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  1. L O K I more like L O S E R +1
  2. lol +1
  3. just use potatoes as your power supply, works good with me!
  4. sure +1
  5. +/- -1 no mic +1 has been here long enough to know the rules -1 kinda gay -1 deals with con. criticism agressively +1 can be thoughtful with the donations -1 still homo tbh overall -1 but has a chance i guess
  6. +1 but still has became a changed man from the OG Dutch117. what have u become.
  7. The only real reason I banned this guy was because I was hungry with power // I would like to see him unbanned, a nice guy I must say. +1
  8. whoever typed this retarded ass post
  9. WhO Do U HaTe tHe mOSt iN slAyeRs???
  10. I loath this Catholic faggot
  11. Done with all the cancer hu XD

  12. ^
  13. Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:151407296 Steam Profile Link: Current MM Rank: GN3 Highest MM Rank: MG1