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  1. can i get uhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Bye

    passed all the competition man
  3. that's what i'm sayin'!
  4. he's trying to accomplish what most of the people in this thread are trying to do. DESTROY THIS T R A S H idea
  5. hi!!

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    2. Valentin
    3. Zeezo


      @Kaz ^v^ the fact that you had to ask him means the odds are already not in your favor.

    4. Kaz ^v^
  6. I can sub btw anyday/time after July 19th.
  7. Any kaz abuse report should be a meme, we all know kaz is shleepin during WOKE hours. dem real nigga hours
  8. u talking about jessica and her nigger-lip pussy? i feel u man
  9. maybe not dutch himself, but his body pillow makes the list. LIKE WHEN YOU SEE IT!
  10. my fav game was going off the diving board and then getting on the ladder fuck you mean papas kingdom
  11. This guys gets it!
  12. I say (insert funny meme person who was a joke until it died and you want a fuck ton of likes so you can feel better about your 1-inch erect penis) should be unbanned. He was a good man.
  13. is your profile picture dycidz