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  1. Seems like you already know what your talking about. Sorry theres only kids and retards here who cant really help out much. Im a good example, I know nothing about gaming laptops
  2. You were banned by Milky for MFKing and leaving Anyone know milkys forum account?
  3. Am very confused


    1. CyrexPigg


      from when to when are Admin apps open? Thanks

    2. Dewey
  5. Well there you go, 3 admins confirming that they all found you suspicious of ghosting. Ban stays, dont ghost next time.
  6. Im gonna try to start getting on JB more, and if I see anyone mute or switch someone just by the sound of their voice your dunzo. Its one thing if the kid is just a god awful warden but instead of swapping and them and muting them, maybe try actually teaching them the correct way to warden.
  7. You goofed up, admitted to T baiting and leaving. Its up to adolf if he wants to lower the ban to a few hours but honestly a day ban is not that big of a deal, just stop messing around.
  8. @Adolf Eichmann_GSD™
  9. Not really important cause immediately after he banned him he felt like that was the wrong decision and asked me to unban him
  10. Yeah im sorry if you think you were falsely banned but chondo knows what he is talking about as far as CSGO He has plenty of experience and if he is certain they are hacking, then they are fo sure hacking So its probably gonna be like 99.999% chance of the ban staying soooo But chondo can still reply and explain more if he wants
  11. Welp guess nollyn doesnt mind unbanning you. Someone unban him please.
  12. Yeah he is in TS right now, he says ban stays for MFKing.
  13. He removed the permanent ban and then after he removed it added another ban that is 150 minutes. Which seems fine for a MFK.