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  1. I miss you

    1. Uther


      Dycids are you ok? Because I think theres something not clicking in your head there buddy.

    2. Dycidz
    3. Uther


      Dewey was a good man


      he done goofed

  2. I miss u

  3. Texture obama
  4. Pres has to teach me when he gets back
  5. Promos: Noobnz -> TTT Server Lead Yepi -> Captain CHONDO TO SENIOR STAFF SUCK IT BITCHES Demos: G3no -> General Dewey -> dumbfuck Strips: Pulse Sneezy Rivet Furbie Triggered_Schoolshooter Unicoder BlindedIsaac Surf RPG: Get rid of bouncy bullets JB: nade - 10000 increase map cooldown vipinthemix broken for T's shank - 10000 TTT: shanks - 6000 jihad - 6000 DNA - 7000 DNA scanner Map nipper - add more guns Remove richberg Elevator on whitehouse is broken Increase traitor ratio Remove item buy limit Trade: invisible command Move guides to pricecheck Remove roulette Surf: its dead PUG: esea maps fix warmup maps add canals remove fun commands Other: !gloves
  6. @Brando
  7. Hi redmond
  8. nice
  9. Welcome mr zero
  10. Throw your computer off a building
  11. Delilah*