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  1. @MistaGhost VIEWER^
  2. New form submission from Scam Report Your name in game: Loda Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:187043157 Suspected Scammer's Name: Lick Me Suspected Scammer's Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:88259150 Approximate date/time of the incident (include timezone): 1:26 Alaska time Server this took place on (if applicable): [SG] Slayers Trade Lounge [TRADE ROOMS | MINI-GAMES] SlayersGam Items involved in the scam: 46 Keys Pure Explain how you were scammed: [Talking on EliteDoge behalf (STEAM ID STEAM_1:0:125161756)] Was trading 46 keys pure but when trade was active lick me said, "Send me the knife and ill send you keys on the other account i will add more since ur going first" Evidence (links, screenshots, videos etc.)(REQUIRED): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruu-i7BvD6g
  3. Hi It's Ya boi loda here gn2 De-ranked from mg Due to non prime I MEAN UR TRYNA WIN RIGHT? pls pick me
  4. @Dewey or @Mysticmints Did no one know aboot this?
  5. I was tagged in a admin abuse report and i asked if i may be idle for a couple of seconds. Apperently JUST,DO,IT did not hear that i was pardoned for being idle for a couple of sconds therefore killing me. In my part of the problem i didnt care that he killed me and a perma ban seems a little excesive for 1 free kill.
  6. RAFIKI MODEL? @Gambino
  7. hypocrite?
  8. New form submission from Admin Abuse Report Your name in game: Loda Admin's name: Cum Drooble Server this took place on: [SG] Bounce Parkour [!WS !KNIFE NEW GAMEMODE] SlayersGaming.com Approximate date/time of the incident (include timezone): yesterday What the admin did: Admin used the low gravity command to break a server record on BP_Mario Reliable spectators/players who side on your case (if any): @Yoona, lolfukoh Other admins on at the time (if any): lolfukoh, @Yoona Video/screenshot proof (if any): N/A If you would like us to pull a GOTV demo post the map name, round number, and time within the round:
  9. MY WRASK IS LEAVING :( Farewell bb and @Cum Drooble its LNG
  10. -1 told me too
  11. fun player overall knows the rules and is a great person to the community Stance: Support (+1)
  12. good kid knows the rules only uses his paidmin powers when necessary Stance: Support (+1)
  13. +1 is really active and knows all the rules -1 tends to be immature and difficult to work with (if new player) Stance: Neutral
  14. +1 is already doing a great job as ssa