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  1. You're aids on jb -1
  2. +1 I LOVE YOU
  3. Don't be an ass +1
  4. Haven't really seen you around :/ -1
  5. Neutral You've been paidmin for awhile but you only have 14.5 hours on jb. I think if you put more effort in you would get it.
  6. Are you currently a SSA or VIP Admin Yes Name Seagull Steam ID STEAM_0:0:115746171 Please explain why you should be promoted to Private I think I should have my admin back for a few reasons. I definitely learned my lesson when getting stripped. By losing what I had, made me change a few things, and how I act. After losing my private, I bought paidmin. After having paidmin again for a month made me feel useless on the servers. I could of handled so many situations, but instead I had to ask for another admin to get on instead of just handleing it. Secondly I had private for almost 4 months, and before that I had paidmin for like 6 months.I have a lot of expierence as admin, and I think I did a good job for the most part, besides the minor fuck ups along the way. There are quite a few people who dislike me, but that doesn’t change that fact that I have a lot of experience. I think my reputation is getting better slowly. I put close to all my free time here, and have a lot of fun doing so. Please explain how you will use this rank to help the community I would use my admin again to help out out new players/admins. There’s a lot of new admins that don’t know all the rules yet, and I’ve been trying to help them out, but refuse to listen because I’m paidmin. I’m also not able to ban as paidmin and with private I can do so. I had to wait for an admin to get on to do it. It was also a longer process to do such a simple thing as ban someone. Thank you for considering me as admin again. Are you aware of the rules of the other servers yes
  7. Thanks man Thanks man
  8. -1 never guud = never admin
  9. -1 I've muted you about 10,000 times.
  10. Cailen you're a close friend here are slayers Gayming, but you didn't put in an effort this month. I'm sorri +1
  11. Get on jb I'll unmute you. I muted you again because you only spent about 10 minutes before asking a paidmin to unmute you.
  12. Good luck to everyone who applied, and who is applying

    1. Cailen
    2. themonkey


      wow thanks for the luck! fucking faggot

    3. noobnz
  13. -1 You're very annyoing
  14. Sorry didn't see that, it's changed
  15. @Dycidz you suk -3