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  1. why the fuck would i pay 20$ for a bail when i can make a new steam acc and get csgo for 15 lol 
    1. Gambino



  2. compete autism, about to kill myself 

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    2. X-ray


      My bad! Ill make sure it wont happen again I promise!

    3. Seagull


      god damnit fucking typo lol

    4. Kaz ^v^

      Kaz ^v^

      It's not a typo seacuck. 

      Didn't u read what zeezo wrote u db birdo ;-;

  3. I missed you fucks ;)

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    2. Cheese


      welcome back paps

    3. Uther
    4. Dycidz


      ^ hurry up and delete it

  4. If you like H1Z1, and run it well, I recommend getting playerunknowns battleground. It's so much better.

    1. Gay Obese Ginger

      Gay Obese Ginger

      games definitely better than h1z1 and it takes more skill and is harder to win in. solid game so far!

    2. Warden Flamewater

      Warden Flamewater

      Why everyone told me to buy H1Z1 is beyond me, I never played it since then because it just wasn't something I'd play.

    3. Dycidz


      Minecrafts good 

  5. I miss you

  6. I miss you

    1. noobnz


      i miss you too. i havent played with u in 12 hrs

    2. Seagull
    3. cum


      i luv noobnz

  7. faggo

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    2. Seagull
    3. Kaz ^v^

      Kaz ^v^

      The worship consist of 

      Diving in the river 

      Throwing plastics and shits


      But if u try finding a thing or two u will find lots of jewelries. 

    4. Seagull


      gangas river 

  8. Good luck to everyone who applied, and who is applying

    1. Gian
    2. themonkey


      wow thanks for the luck! fucking faggot

    3. noobnz
  9. So many new people :)

    1. themonkey


      its because ur an old fag

    2. Seagull


      I wish

  10. Getting a new mouse

    1. Adolf Eichmann_GSD™
    2. neT


      that one

    3. Seagull


      Corsair katar, didn't feel like spending money on another expensive one

  11. unban me from shoutbox i learned my lesson!!!1111!1!1! 
  12. Event is going to be lit, sign up

  13. Upsetty spaghetti 

    1. Dycidz


      Kill you""""r self faggot

  14. This dude flipped my girlfriend and I off today, even though he cut her off. So at the light I got out and smashed his mirror. Worth the bruised hand.

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    2. neT


      Someone flipped you off so you decided to destroy their personal property? smart

    3. Seagull


      He cut us off and was a douche bag, deserved it. I never said I was proud about it

    4. King Barney

      King Barney

      be proud faggot

  15. I miss your sniffles 

  16. I love you

  17. I miss you, come back.

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    2. neT


      good one

    3. Jake.


      obi was the greatest person in this community.

    4. Seagull