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  1. its done this to me the whole time ive ever tried to log in like that just use your email and password you degenerate
  2. who?
  3. Adolf is that you
  4. he asked me how to make this #vujireallycares
  5. the made it so you cant bind crouch and jump to the same button anymore also and now the Tommy gun only holds 30 shots
  6. rude but true
  7. get a android and stop being fucking useless
  8. https://imgur.com/MftH471 Live happy my kiwi
  9. this should carry over to all slayers platforms: server, website, and everything
  10. Literal who
  11. no they were not nigger i got 6 while he was alive
  12. https://imgur.com/V5pvyJD @Gay Obese Ginger kms
  13. you have to buy entries ??? it would be gambling and you have to be 18 to gamble and you have to be of legal age to participate, also gambling is against gods will ''Hebrews 13:5'' how would god approve of this plue.
  14. chondo i want you to make a spread sheet of all your wins and post them there keep that update it just fills the forms with big dick syndrome when you post them here
  15. +1 is garbo at video games being a private is his only goal give it to him