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  1. all this stuff i said came out of my own mouth on my own accord. i didnt bring another community into this somewhat salty yet also tru adios post, that was u sir! i made a lot of friends here and im not gonna stop being friends w/ ppl over which community im chillin in dawg. /technically/ i was gonna to leave in december, but decided to stick around a while. ik im a sarcastic & salty motherfucker but i genuinely do care about those ive friended on these servers and forums and ts. i really do. i also care about my right to an opinion and if i wanna put my final opinions on this place into my adios post, i sure as hell will do that. so chondo, best wishes to u as well. (even though i can sense the sarcasm and slight salt in the way u said that to me, i do mean it :D) happy new year every one :)
  2. you can always message me wardoon floomwater. ur mi amigo.
  3. dis is tru :P
  4. will do amigoo
  5. thank u amigo. you too.
  6. i really enjoyed playing ttt with u adolf, and always know u can message me on steam whenever! youll always be my amigo :,)
  7. ya same my hours got fucked too, can i get ranger too?
  8. i will remember ur thread about asking me to be gf, rest in peace jake, ur gonna b banned
  9. i shouldve been stripped last meeting, unless i was and just wasnt on the list, and if i wasnt stripped then its cause i have a vagina. i was harrassed earlier this year, where's my promotion w/out having the required hours???? HELLO???? S T R I P M E ! ! ! FORREAL THO IM GLAD TO HAVE MET MANY OF U. and im sad to have met many of u as well. cucks. ill still lurk forums but i doubt ill be active. remember my post of my galaxy painting, its all i want to be remembered by.
  10. we boutta open
  11. This is actually really good writing lmfao
  12. I hate to see things end so soon. I havent known you nearly as long as everyone else here so I doubt this will mean much but here it goes. Ever since I joined you have always been a friendly face to see on the servers, teamspeak, and forums. You're just a great guy with a great heart and I truly respect that. I had some rough times here on slayers and I never knew who to reach out to except for you. You helped me a lot and I am honestly so grateful that you did. While slayers may have brought you out of a dark place, YOU definitely helped a lot of people out of dark places as well. I hope to keep in touch and I honestly will never be able to thank you enough for everything you've done for this community and me personally. Take care, friend. <3
  13. idk if this is meme or not but we can still play cultris, right? :(
  14. lmfao that last tweet. yeah idk what happened, im waiting to hear more before i make a decision on how i feel about it lol. if what happened followed what the guy said in the video, thats 50 shades of fucked up. if they actually provoked the whole thing, i feel no pity whatsoever.