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  1. I might miss you, i don't know. Why are you ddos'ing? You're under 18 and that's against the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. As if I was white or played that shit HAHAHAHA
  3. They just never die
  4. U have a good birthday 

    1. Rivet


      thanks bae

    2. .Doc.


      you forgot to say bye :(

  5. Happy Birthday Joxen

  6. ur getting stripped
  8. I thought you liked abusing, especially TeamSpeak!
  9. AYE
  10. +1 fixed and added new TTT maps for us
  11. Can we be friends again darling
  12. You're being cocky that's toxic bro
  13. Can confirm
  14. I've already paid bail for ddosing