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  1. -1, dude is toxic as hell, and calls other people toxic, as if he wasn't himself. After he gets a ton of -1's he's going to pretend this application is a "meme" to not look like the scum he is. He's paid bail TWICE for the same offense, obviously doesn't learn his lesson
  2. +1
  3. i love you monkey +1
  4. +1
  5. +1 i like this kid
  6. Accepted for root +1
  7. You changed your stance on seagull based on what he said on your app, smh
  8. fix ur computer and get better memes
  9. +1 making forums flooded :)
  10. It has begun, the forums will soon be flooded by those who have never visited before for admin

    1. RoyThePuppy
    2. Dycidz
    3. Neko


      Does it help that Dewey told me to every 15 minutes say in the trade server that ANYONE  can apply for admin?

  11. +1 for seagull
  12. Who do you think without paying will never get admin? Go @NEVER GUUD @Electric™ @no chill dan @Nazi Spork @JUSTDOIT @Brongo
  13. RubberDoge is toxic, not gonna lie. If you want to ghost go somewhere else
  14. I was first playing on ttt (after me Dewey dycidz patches tried to revive the server) on desperados when RubberDoge and mind where on. My first round I knifed mind, where Rubber Doge couldn't see. After I popped my head out, I immediately get shot and die. I never slayed him, but I had sus. Then yepi joins and I tell him about these two, and then I left to go home, I'm not suprised they're banned.