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  1. This was around 7:00-7:15 PM PST, Highschool just in case you want to pull up gotv
  2. This is all true, they were very sus for ghosting even before Certified joined.
  3. I would also like to add he lied about what he did, claiming that he t baited not attempted rdm
  4. He shot Muhammad for no reason, then after Muhammad killed him back Jookbox decides to leave the game. I asked anybody who had jook as a friend to ask him to return, but he did not.
  5. Dolls got reverted because it was buggy (crashes, decoy glitch), Apehouse was shit so they made it back to the old apehouse
  6. This would be fucking amazing
  7. +1, best applicant that has applied today. Needs to be admin.
  8. As far as I know there were multiple un-ided bodies still left, and he killed him. Sea bass said that Pepe rdmed him, and when I asked Pepe why he killed Seabass, he just left and I banned him for a day (I lowered the ban).
  9. Or revert it back to the old plugin, the person that was killed gets a choice to slay or not, and if they choose to slay for a retarded reason, an admin can remove the slay if reasonable.
  10. Post here
  11. Armor used to transfer to the next round if you survived, but I don't know if it still does with the new plugin. If it does then heavy armor can't be kosed, it would get mixed up with a bunch of retarded koses.
  12. Why wasn't there any black people in Flintstone? Because they were still monkeys.
  13. Who was that lmao
  14. Last time someone's c4 went off and the server happened to crash with it
  15. I'm 15 minutes late but happy birthday