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  1. Nice
  2. welcome back
  3. Hey now
  4. where the FUCK have u been joxen
  5. I ddosed noobnz and paid bail
  6. This mans a genius
  7. Hey roots mind giving me this power? Also i tried helping pepe change his ip to prevent him getting ddosed because I was getting similar messages from apollo, but I didn't snitch on him
  8. -1 can't take criticism
  9. My computer just broke, I don't know if I can get it to work, but usually 3-4 or 8-12 PM I'm fine with. I would prefer weekdays.
  10. Go appeal it in the right section
  11. @Milky is first in line!
  12. Filet them
  13. Tell me who and I'll gut them like a fish
  14. Poor fags god fuck
  15. I have it but... wtf