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  1. Shiro was a good man associated with niggers
  2. I'll give you a reduced ban, don't do it again :^) @Milky reduce it to 2 days from whenever he was banned
  3. so funny!
  4. If you really want to pull a demo it was at 3:25 PST, but there is no point because either way, he changed his name showing everyone who the T was.
  5. @Milky I joined right when this happened, it was stupid to change his name to ghost. Even if he was innocent, admins would've banned you.
  6. Where's the ip
  7. X:Failure


    [/] Ciggy

    [/] Uther

    [/] Kush

    [/] Joey

    [X] Adolf

    i am immune.

    1. noobnz


      no one is immune


    2. Valentin


      adolf more like jerk these nuts off amiright

    3. Dycidz


      im banning you

  8. Aren't you shit posting shut the fuck up
  9. 1) PSAG should've been slayed for the false kos for being a retard even though he called it back 2) If Jekgogs slays were false, you're not supposed to remove another admins slays, mutes, etc, you can make an abuse report.
  10. ban or riot!
  11. I hate you for making shitty threads like this
  12. Ez win
  13. Adolf wins 16-4 vs Chum!