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  1. Dam, Hardbutlife. Might be trying to donate soon when i get my money, and if i cant ill find another way to do so. Best Wishes- Papi
  2. Just realized my comment might've looked a little too professional, whelp time to go kms.
  3. I/m someone and a nobody at the same time, dont worry fam
  4. +1 A 1v1 Server would be a great idea and addition towards the Slayers Gaming Community. And it is very much something that can expand towards the good. - Much love from Papi
  5. Well for starters in the past i will admit that i have been muted and i have recieved my punishment. but there was alot of people talking and i wouldn't of blown in my mic i was actually trying to trade to find offers for keys and people actually saw that you muted me for 1000 minutes and were shocked for its long time. secondly, i feel like you unmute me all i want is a unmute and if i do those sorts of things again you can perm mute me. not saying did i did do it because right now as im writing this people are mic spamming and no one mutes them... i have made many trade offers on this server and i wish to be unmuted so i can offer people trades. If you wish to not believe me thats fine all i wish for is a chance, because everyday people do this shit. and i wasnt doing it and i got the mute???!!! im sorry, but all i would like is an unmute because i was never suppose to be muted.
  6. Your in game name and/or steam id: EzMojang Admin name: Marley Server this took place on: Trading Lounge Approximate date/time of the incident (include timezone): 01:50:53 PM On 2/15/16 What the admin did: Well for starters a bunch of people was mic spamming in the trade lounge when Marley got on and muted me when i wasn't even mic spamming, and the worst part of it is, is that the reason was: stfu and the time was: 1000mins! And he crazy part is is that people who do mic spam get like 15 min mutes... Possible reason why you think they did this action(if any): maybe mistakenly or didn't like my squeaky voice. Reliable spectators/players who side on your case (if any): almost the whole server saw it at that time and even people were like, WOW 100 MINS THATS TOO MUCH. Other admins on at the time(if any): no other ones Video/screenshot proof: In the demo If you would like us to pull a GOTV demo post the map name, round number, and time within the round: I would'nt, all i want is an un-mute and an apology. Sincerely, EzMojang Like this