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  1. hul

  2. Can the point system be abused when a gang member goes ct at let other gang members kill them.
  3. Solid -1 You just got unbanned
  4. adminapp

    -1 pres not even owner
  5. +/-
  6. Hi

    You didint join to see it was fun you joined for the power that came with discord moderator. But you got denied and you made a hi post here when everyone knew who you were. Just like you made a app on here and you don't even play. I hope you get denied because I dont think we need more autistic people like you joining the admin team.
  7. Hi

    Look who the fuck is talking. Didint you already make one of these. I forgot your autistic and have short term memory loss. You disabled ass sped. Go back to where you came from. Get denied once comes crawling back. Lmao kys.
  8. Apollo is captin
  9. Hi

    Lol snitch
  10. What happens now Apollo is perm banned @Zeezo
  11. hi

  12. Never guud u were litterly banned for this whole month I dont think you should be judging admin appd
  13. It's not just ttt admins I have been seeing a lot of admins on jb decide to not do anything because there are other admins on. And are more focused on the game insted of moderating it. There needs to be stricter guide lines for admins. It just seems like to people they dont care if they get stripped everyone likes them so they will just get there spot back.