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  1. You hear it he the supreme leader
  2. With the vet powers vested in me I like ur phone number its really cute maybe I'll give it a call later and talk about ur unban :^)
  3. Banned asuna /thread
  4. With the vet powers invested in me by the power of the zeezo. /thread
  5. Final offer 5k and me as vet or ranger
  6. Lit
  7. Yea I'll just use my data
  8. I played sg 1 year before my forum acc
  9. Thanks @Hype666 @keloy or who ever did it I don't even play I just wanted to be cool can I get the vet tag on forums or is that to much
  10. Nigger?
  11. Can i be a ranger for like 5 min I wanna see how it feels to be cool
  12. If you become a girl you have pussy not a dick so you would get wet instead of getting hard and thats lesbian
  13. What if it's a hot bitch you gonna smash in the tent
  14. Lmao who still plays games. You guys are gay I come here when I'm bored and its the same repetitive shit.