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  1. New form submission from Admin Abuse Report Your name in game: wRisty Admin's name: Infinity Server this took place on: Trade Server Approximate date/time of the incident (include timezone): 11/12/16 at 7:40 PM. What the admin did: Muted me for 30 minutes for "interrupting" when it was not me interrupting , it was another kid, but this admin Infinity still refuses to lift my mute, even though i did NOTHING wrong. Reliable spectators/players who side on your case (if any): Dewey (He is another admin) Other admins on at the time (if any): Dewey Video/screenshot proof (if any): https://gyazo.com/99adc8ec67f495cdcb6b8159fa362e3a totally abused his power thinking I interrupted, when I DID NOT. If you would like us to pull a GOTV demo post the map name, round number, and time within the round: .
  2. he muted me for "interrupting" but i didnt interrupt. i waited for the person to finish before i talked. but i guess he didnt understand, so he muted me for 100 minutes and then went on to mute me for a week. ive donated to the server in thr past and this is just bull shit.
  3. I am still muted at this time though :/ would appreciate if i can ber unmuted soon
  4. thank you guys! i love the server very much and this will make trading very much easier! keloy sorry for the misunderstanding
  5. Your name in game: Wristy Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ImWristy/ Server this took place on: Trading Server [Optional] Map this took place on: - Admin responsible for ban: Keloy Time when issued ban: 11/29/15 at 7PM eastern Length of ban: Permanent Reason for ban: Mic Spam, But I Wasn't Mic Spamming... :/ [Optional] Other admins present at that time: Dont Remember Why should we unban you: Because I Didnt Do Anything Wrong To Begin With, And I Want To Trade... [Optional] Screenshots/Videos: None