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  3. @Mysticmints
  4. Mcree needed the buff, his ult was poop and even a mercy with decent aim could kill him before he could get his ult off. Good for reaper, now his passive makes him more counter tank, hes more self sufficient, and he can actually be a good pick, his e is still trash though Good roadhog rewok, gay ass random right clicking kills are less likely to happen , and people actually need to aim for the head and make sure all the shots hit the body now
  5. Hi.

    Admins suck
  6. Placement has to do with your previous season and how well you do in your placement matches. Your win/loses and some other factors control how much you deviate from your previous SR from last season(current and highest that season) Won 7, tied 1, lost 2. SR last Season ended =2580 ish, Highest was 2700 ish....This season ended up 2500 ishh with placements
  7. WaterSports (Guys)
  8. I'm a 2600 pro pharah, or mercy/ana hmu maybe if i have time
  9. BMWWWWW 5
  10. Jk We Are Doing This
  11. Welcome familia, I'm gay.