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  1. Saddest anime of all time Saddest movie with peoplez
  2. Yes
  3. Pop fireworks, maybe drink, maybe do hood rat stuff with friends or Staying home playing video games and watching Harry Potter Marathon
  4. 1. A fly in my ear 2. A baby crying 3. A smoke detector with low batteries 4. Motorcycle fegs that rev for no reason 5. People talking 6. The moan from not being able to take it any deeper
  5. Welcome all new admins and accepted Chanels. Rule Number 1 - I, Chanel Oberlin, am the ONE AND ONLY AND BEST Chanel Rule Number 2 -If anyone oversteps their boundaries you WILL be destroyed Rule Number 3 -Me and the higher ranking Chanels will be watching YOUR EVERY MOVE Rule Number 4 -Do not let being accepted go over your head. Do not talk down on any other Chanels or non-Chanels Rule Number 5 -Read up on all the rules to follow as a Chanel. Learn how to Chanel. Do not disgrace me or my name or you will die The Console and logs are your friends. Use sm_help in console for Chanel commands and !admin to access more. I, Chanel No.5 , and Chanel No.3 , and the Cops will strip you of your Chanel status if you do not fulfill enough hours and abuse your Chanel powers.... Have Fun New Chanels And Make This Place Better! Join Teamspeak and talk with other Chanels @
  6. +1 -Good kid, doesn't act autistic or spam on his mic -Understands the rules well, and can tell when Ct's are retarded -More mature than 80% of slayers despite his age (legit thought he was like 18) -Been on the server ever since I started playing JB -Helpful, active, trustworthy, and wouldn't abuse powers Chanel's No. 3 and 5 also approve
  7. Staph tagging me u faggit kiwi @noobnz


  8. Everyone in Slayers has already received the gift of an extra chromosome, no need to give anymore
  9. Wew new Xmas lights on website  :^))) 



    1. .Doc.


      you can break them too xD

    2. Ballistic Bacon

      Ballistic Bacon



    3. Gambino


      i love you sonny for posting this, always homo

  10. I will be singing dis song( or All I want for a Christmas) if I can make it
  11. Noooo I will miss you bf :(