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  1. I joined around the same time as him and didnt make a forum acc for 6 months after :) is that good enough #RipmyboyNollanKramberry
  2. -100 is this a meme ?
  3. Rip it ends in a tie :/
  4. Pepe just cause you got stripped and can get targeted doesn't mean they should remove these commands
  5. That's your fault... and I don't think he's afking hours i think he goes to get food or something and you have been kicking him so he leaves
  6. Scorpion you're a great guy try again next month while spreading your hours out on a lot of the servers
  7. Give this nigga admin again +1
  8. +1 great guy knows rules
  10. @Patchennopoulos August???
  11. -1 doesn't shut up or stop screaming at kids for breaking rules
  12. +1 give him a shot...
  13. +1 Give this nigga private rn @Adolf Eichmann_GSD™ :^)
  14. +1 never a bitchy cunt... even if he's only had ssa back for a month honestly deserves it
  15. Why tf not ??? Nigga deadass already has SSA on 2 servers? This nigga on the next level