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  1. @X-ray @I am Milky @nifty @RoyThePuppy @Avi and everyone else who was here for this amazingness by milky for a ak hydroponic
  2. +1 chill always on knows rules ...Used to be admin.... GIVE THIS MAN ROOT
  3. He's a little cuck that tries to start shit I swear i didnt have beef with him till he started being a cuck
  4. Me-----> You------> And that's only how long i've had this forum account ... also i've taken like 2-3 month breaks multiple times stfu faggot
  5. Stop trying to be edgy faggot who are you ???
  6. Bye River :)
  7. no problem :) you and the others making maps are really helping bring a new spark to the experience and new players join often that havent seen these cool maps
  8. Looks amazing what's the next map you plan on updating ? I think we're all excited when you make new maps :) <3
  9. Bill my guy :) gimme
  10. rip

    :/ come back soon plz I NEED YOUR SPAM
  12. I was making a roblox account and searched up good usernames and one was oGuardiano that was taken so i became oGuardianOfHopeo and than got rid of oOfHopeo and later when i started to make a youtube channel i changed it to Guardian Playz with a z cause i wanted to be edgy.
  13. Rip Bounce Parkour :/
  14. @Warden Frostwater With all those games how big can we expect the map to be and how many secrets (if you will tell us) will you add. P.s this map keeps looking better and better every time you post a new update on it keep up the great work.