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  1. :)
  2. New form submission from Ban Appeal Your name in game: Guardian Playz Steam ID: Old account:STEAM_0:0:152105512 New account:STEAM_0:1:215223830 Server this took place on: Teamspeak [Optional] Map this took place on: Admin responsible for ban: Dewey Time of ban: Sometime in January Length of ban: Perm Reason for ban: Defense threat (ddos) after being threatened by Cailen [Optional] Other admins present at that time: Why should you be unbanned: I think i should be unbanned because i got threatened first and was defending myself than got banned by the favorite picking Dewey instead of Cailen. Also I would like to start playing SG again and be able to rejoin the community even if it means never being able to get my admin back. (Please note that as i have new account in steam ID I have NOT played on the SG servers with this account as that would be ban evading). [Optional] Screenshots/Videos: [Optional] Anything else you would like to say: Please consider this if i ever get perma banned again i will never try to appeal or pay bail.
  3. you were talking bout Carolina but i have never spoken to him... only seen him make shitty meme comments
  4. Zeezo you confuse me...
  5. He's a dickhead and he hates me more than i hate him
  6. @neT @NEVER GUUD @PSAGdude @trvsdp @Kinguin ^w^ #FreeSweg
  7. 375
  8. I'm guessing you're posting this as a meme... if not app's arent open Edit: Net pointed out that they are open for trade...
  9. @net You know 95% of people who make them come back right?
  10. yeah but you took a while to set shit up @neT
  11. Oh shit after like 3 weeks it actually happened xD
  12. You joined in December... What's your point you've been here for like a month longer than him chill
  13. @nifty He retired if you need any help please consult his former assistant @kush He is a wonderful person who really helps ;)
  15. Bruh, Cailen is stating facts out here where the fuck is the Poonjab when he needs to stop something before the community goes rip @President Evil