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  1. Yeah!1!!!!!!111one
  2. Liberal family
  3. Wanna murrsuit dude? Dog cock is just sooooo good. I love putting my dick in my sisters dog and he yelps like crazy but i just love dog anus too much.
  4. Yo thanks fam. Wanna rp later? I'll be Hillary Clinton
  5. If you wanna be real about it, new age feminism is what is bad about society nowadays. Earlier generations of feminism weren't so bad due to not as many of them being as radicalized as they are today. All we really see these days is feminism getting shit on because a few of the nasty ones of the bunch are batshit insane and don't really fall under the category "Feminist" and fit more closely with "Crazy bitch who thinks her vagina makes her important and entitled"
  6. Please use spaces in your paragraphs it's hard to read and i lose track easily
  7. Bye

    Really makes you wonder how many people have simply named their post "bye"
  8. -1 has no leg hair
  9. Who goes through the trouble of spawning into JAILBREAK, queue'ing for CT, waiting for T's to pile up (Keep in mind someone is giving orders this entire time), and still think they are in a deathmatch server?
  10. git gud
  11. Revolting.
  12. Might as well just add a Roblox playermodel to go with it or just go play ROBLOX itself
  13. Everyone
  14. I'd take the time to tag each and every one of you but that'd take work and i'm too lazy for that shit.
  15. Does my cat count?