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  1. I'm just gonna hop on the bandwagon now and say happy bday

  2. You shouldn't be using that kind of language young man!
  3. I thought you might be interested in this C:


    1. Ballistic Bacon

      Ballistic Bacon

      what is this

    2. Joey1029


      Butt + boobs as a weapon and fight with each other~~~~

      a video that will make you want to have sexy time after you watch it

  4. I still expect to see you on Cultris so i can fuck you over.
  5. I don't see myself on the striplist, and if i was demoted why dont i have ssa on surf? What is going on?
  6. Durandal, why are you doing this? It's childish. Anyhow, welcome to SG Nyla, if you ever need help with anything minor feel free to contact me. I'm always open
  7. Make sure to stick around forums from time to time. You're an interesting person and we enjoy your company. Sad to see you go but you do you ;)
  8. What do you get when you multiply a positive one by a negative one? Because that's my stance
  9. Awesome, you reply after every reply in your app. I despise those kinds of people. Please keep comments to yourself, you're only making yourself look worse.
  10. I..uhhh.. I don't know, I love you burgish but... 13? +0.25??
  11. +1 This is one of the VERY few admin apps i will be +1'ing this month. I believe Dark should get admin because he has recently been well recieved by the community well and is already well known on JB. He has a great personality and he is fun to hang around with. I'll help him learn the ropes of admin, should he be accepted. I understand he joined not too long ago but that shouldn't deter him from wanting to help. I've been trying my best to help him get his best chances for admin and i would really appreciate it if you took him into consideration. Thank you! Ciao +1 UPDATE: I helped him spruce up his admin app so it should look better now
  13. Yeah, as if this wasn't obvious. You realize how hard he's trying to get banned XRAY? No point in making a post.