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  1. are you fucking dumb?
  2. shit dog if I had a fucking laptop I'd rock this
  3. thanks my dude now we can actually enjoy obama
  4. the people that would chargeback and acquire vip admin would be the same person
  5. everytim
  6. yes he is
  7. 5'10"
  8. it's always good to see you on staff, nice work bro

    1. Zeezo


      Thanks babe

    2. Gay Obese Ginger

      Gay Obese Ginger

      the official grandpa of slayers

  9. Nice work noob, happy for u

  10. Wish I could be around to see this new staff team crush this summer. y'all will do great
  11. ya hear that @Plue101. y'aint shit
  12. nice!
  13. if i buy gmod can i still apply

    1. Gay Obese Ginger

      Gay Obese Ginger

      yes server launch is on the 21st play during launch week actively and then apply cuz if u apply now most likely ur not getting acceptaronied and cheese

    2. Klitcher


      cool beans, thanks my dude

  14. hell of a rock
  15. roses are red

    violets is blue

    chondo is great



    1. Gay Obese Ginger
    2. Klitcher


      nah not back, but I'm around on forums. I kinda wanna get into your gmod shit tho

    3. Josh™


      "Violets is blue"