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  1. this is true i make kids upset when they dont get guns to fight back
  2. gta5 battlefield 1 both are enjoyable, im liking BF1 a lot more than gta5 rn
  3. buy me pubg
  4. im leaving because servers are dead and im gonna lose my admin. csgo is dead
  5. ddos threats should be perm fuck them
  6. revive the community and people will stay and have motivation
  7. annoying little kids that for whatever reason are allowed to stay when 1 out of 20 people like them, csgo is just a dogshit game that people dont like anymore, PUBG for right now completely fucked over the playcount, and school, people fucking hating the cancer that is most of the people in this community, said people being cancer to anyone that isnt an admin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just general people that kept the community 'alive' leaving because real life shit matters more than a bitchboy community with faggots. everyone is complaining including me, but nobody has provided good tips to revive said dogshit
  8. 2daloo
  9. exactly, they prolly just figured it wouldnt be worth it when 11 is coming out, but 3 months ago
  10. i wish i didnt care as much as this guy
  11. retard doesnt know anything about jailbreaking, i forgot that 10.3.3 hasnt been able to be jailbroken, people have been waiting for it since release, and u cant downgrade to an older, jailbreakable IOS anymore so ur fucked, as am i! lol!
  12. ignorant statement, you do stupid shit with your phone and then it breaks faster, jailbreaking isnt gonna fuck up your phone, downloading or just doing stupid shit with jailbreaks is gonna fuck up ur phone
  13. someone had to repeat it for those in the back that couldnt hear it